Don’t price your ebook at $1.99

Evidence from Kobo’s self-publishing platform, Writing Life, suggests that $1.99 is a bad price for ebooks. That’s corroborated by recent data from self-publishing site Smashwords.

Sorry, but e-readers aren’t dead

A very dramatic new iSuppli report announces that the e-reader market is “on an alarmingly precipitous decline,” experiencing a “virtually unheard of” collapse as tablets grow in popularity. But don’t count out e-readers just yet.

Can a ‘Spotify for books’ really work?

A growing crop of vendors is trying to provide rental access to multiple ebooks for a monthly subscription, just like Spotify and Netflix. But what are the numbers that lay behind the idea’s success or failure?

Changes for retailers as ebook revolution goes global

As North American ebook retailers Barnes & Noble and Kobo expand their presence abroad, they are seeing their businesses change. Representatives from both companies spoke about some lessons learned on Monday at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Google Books, movies and Nexus 7 tablet head to Japan

Google added new Japanese reading features to its ebooks app yesterday and is now selling the Nexus 7, ebooks and movies through the Google Play store in Japan. Kobo expanded to Japan in July, and Kindle is expected to launch there in October.

Apple is already fighting Amazon in the ebook price wars

Apple didn’t want to compete with Amazon on ebook prices. But it is already showing that it is more than willing to do so. And if customers are drawn to Apple’s new low prices on ebooks, it’s possible to envision the company’s ebook market share rising.

What the DOJ settlement means for ebook prices now

Last week, a federal judge approved the DOJ’s proposed settlement with Simon & Schuster, Hachette and HarperCollins for allegedly conspiring with Apple to set ebook prices. What does the settlement mean for ebook prices now?

States reach $69 million ebook pricing settlement with publishers

Ebook buyers in 54 states and territories are set to receive $69 million in a settlement between the states and HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster. Those who bought agency-priced ebooks between April 2010 and May 2012 are eligible for payment if the settlement goes through.

Kobo replaces Google in ebooks deal with indie bookstores

Ebook company Kobo has signed a deal with the American Booksellers Association to allow indie bookstores to sell Kobo ebooks through their websites and stores. The new partnership replaces the ABA’s deal with Google, which had been set to end in January.

Why the Nook is failing: One chart, four reasons

Microsoft invested $300 million in Barnes & Noble’s Nook business. As the following chart shows, that probably wasn’t a great idea: Production problems, slowing ebook sales and other factors are contributing to the Nook’s troubles.

Smashwords gets more self-published ebooks into libraries

Digital self-publishing site Smashwords is making it easier for self-published authors to get their ebooks into libraries. The site is allowing certain libraries to buy Smashwords titles in bulk, and is also adding custom library pricing options for its authors.

Big e-reader is watching you

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other e-reader companies are collecting data about your e-book reading habits, but they’re keeping their most interesting findings close to the vest.

Five digital lessons from BookExpo America 2012

This week, the book industry gathered at the ugly, cavernous Javits Center in Manhattan for the largest book trade event in the United States. (“I feel like I’m in Costco,” actress-author Molly Ringwald told the AP.) Here are five digital lessons from the week.

Is this the next “50 Shades of Grey”?

This weekly feature tells the backstory of how one e-book became a bestseller, and highlights bestselling titles that are selling more copies in digital than in print. This week: The next “50 Shades of Grey”?

E-book bestsellers breakdown: Desert island romance

This new weekly feature tells the backstory of how one e-book became a bestseller, and highlights bestselling titles that are selling better in digital than in print. This week: Two castaways find romance on a desert island…and other bestsellers.

On the death of book publishers and other middlemen

As Amazon and other e-book distributors like Kobo transform themselves into publishers, does that mean traditional publishers are extinct? No. But it does mean they have to work harder to try and add value for authors, who now have more ways to reach their readers directly.

The new Kindle: Hands-on and first impressions

Amazon unveiled its new Kindle lineup Wednesday, and the first one available, the basic, simply named “Kindle,” reached my doorstep Thursday morning. Here’s what I think about Amazon’s latest reader, and how it stacks up so far to previous Kindles and other similar devices.

Three authors, three hopes for the future of publishing

At the recent Comic-Con convention, one theme that came up on virtually every author panel was how much things are changing in the publishing industry. Three authors took the time to speak with me and share their hopes for the future of publishing.

Three authors, three examples of the disruption in publishing

At the recent Comic-Con convention, one theme that came up on virtually every panel was how much things are changing in the publishing industry. Three authors took the time to speak with me and share their views on the changing face of publishing.

Google Books says goodbye to Apple App Store

Apple’s new rule preventing e-book apps from linking to outside storefronts appears to be in effect. Developers are pushing out updates to their apps that bring them in-line, and Google Books is just gone. But what will Amazon do, and how will it affect iOS?

Yet another eReader launches, this time for Google

The crowded e-book market has just squeezed in room for one more contender, as iriver has created an eInk reader that works with the Google Books store. Priced at $139.99 and available from Target, the iriver Story HD can access 3 million free titles plus various paid content.

Newest Barnes & Noble Nook Bucks Tablet Trend

As Amazon looks to be launching a tablet, Barnes & Noble is improving the pure e-reading experience with a new $139 Nook. The touchscreen device boasts 80 percent fewer page refreshes, a Wi-Fi radio and 2 month battery life. But as tablets mature, will e-readers keep selling?

Kobo Bets on a Smaller, Touch-Sensitive E-Reader

Bucking the trend of e-readers that run apps like tablets, Kobo today announced a new device called the eReader Touch Edition. Priced at $129, the e-reader marries an e-Ink display with touch capabilities, but it’s not a touch screen. Instead, infrared sensors detect taps and swipes.

Kobo Rides the Shockwave of Interest in E-books

While Amazon and Apple have been the big beneficiaries of the wave of interest in e-books, a smaller player has also been growing rapidly: Kobo, which has its own e-reader and online bookstore, has close to 4 million registered customers, and growth continues to accelerate.

Fairmont Hotels Offer Loaner e-Readers from Kobo

Bookseller Kobo has entered into an agreement with Fairmont Hotels to provide loaner eReaders to guests of its Fairmont Gold properties. Guests can pick up a Kobo eReader loaded with bestsellers from Random House to read for the duration of their stay at the hotel.

jkOnTheRun Review: Kobo Reader for Android

I may be the biggest fan of e-books around, and when I use a new mobile device the first thing I do is look for reader apps. That’s why I jumped on the Kobo reader app when it was released. It’s OK, but it lacks features.

Kobo Reader App for Android Now Available

Kobo has set out to be a major player in the e-book world, with an electronic reader, apps for major platforms and deals with major booksellers. Today Kobo has launched the reader app for Android, making Kobo content available on more platforms than the competition.

Kobo Launches Partner Program, New E-book Reader

Major e-book sellers launched online stores along with dedicated readers to provide a vehicle for consuming that content. Many also produce applications for smartphone platforms to further benefit customers. E-book retailer Kobo has announced both a partner program and a dedicated reader of its own.