PredictGaze wants the TV to look at you

TVs that pause programming when you go to the bathroom, iPads that grey out your Facebook feed when you hand over the device to a coworker: PredictGaze wants to use simple webcams to control devices without having you wonder over potential privacy pitfalls.

How Flutter wants to become the eye of the machine

Gesture recognition app Flutter just came out with a new version that makes it possible to skip from one Spotify song to another with a simple gesture, captured by your webcam. Of course, you could just press a key. But Flutter’s plans are much more ambitious.

Kinect Video: Parents Can Finally Win at Xbox Games!

Already selling 1 million units in 10 days, Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect controller is a hit. I can see why; it’s intuitive, fun, and it finally gives parents like me a chance to beat the kids in a video game, even if I look stupid doing it.