Meet The Commutist, our new weekly podcast

Today we’re launching our first weekly podcast. The Commutist gives you all the tech news and analysis you need to know during your morning commute into work. This episode is all about Amazon’s new Kindle lineup — and whether they’re worth all the hype.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is powered by the cloud

Amazon is finally jumping into the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, a 7-inch $199 device built off Android with its own custom interface and plenty of hooks into Amazon’s marketplace of goods. It also intelligently leverages Amazon’s cloud infrastructure for better storage and browsing.

Coming soon: A whole bunch of tablet pretenders

There are 20 new tablets set to hit stores in the next few months, and only one of them has a chance to give Apple any sort of competition. That exception? Amazon’s very-likely-to-soon-to-be-announced, overhauled Kindle, according to UBS analysts, which surveyed the not very hopeful field.

NookColor Now a Kindle Reader and Android Tablet

The $249 NookColor from Barnes & Noble just became much more attractive to owners of Kindle content and fans of Android tablets. A short rooting process adds the Android Market to the NookColor, which allows installation of the Kindle for Android app. One device, many uses!

Gift a Kindle E-book via Email This Year

Amazon is bringing the e-book more in line with the paper variety with the ability to give Kindle e-books as gifts this year. Giving that special book to a friend or family member is always a good gift, and now that includes the digital variety.

E-books Are Here to Stay — NYT to Start Best-Sellers List

Starting next year, the NYT will extend Best-Seller lists to include the top-selling e-books, a validation of how significant the digital publishing business has grown. This validation is fitting given a recent report that e-books have seen a growth in sales of almost 190 percent.

Kindle Ups Its Revenue Share With Publishers

Amazon’s Kindle, which historically hasn’t been regarded as much of a money maker for news publishers because of a lopsided revenue split, w…

Kindles Topping Amazon Charts

Amazon is selling a lot of Kindles, according to a press release issued today. The latest Kindle e-reader is the fastest selling Kindle yet, and when you add Kindle e-books into the mix, Kindle products are the top-selling 15 items on Amazon.

Kindle Singles: When Writing a Book is Too Much

Amazon is pushing the self-publishing movement forward with the introduction of its new Kindle Singles. Singles are shorter (10,000 – 30,000 words) works that anyone can submit to Amazon for sale in the new Kindle Singles section of the Kindle online store. Standard Amazon royalties apply.

Kindle Coming to Best Buy This Fall

The e-reader war is heating up with Amazon announcing the Kindle and Kindle 3G will be sold in Best Buy stores this fall. This has the Kindle joining the Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Readers at Best Buy. Pricing will be the same as Amazon’s.

Amazon Kindle Tops Sales Charts

Amazon is feeling good about the latest Kindle, with sales in the first four weeks topping all products sold by the retailer. The new Kindle has outsold every past model in the first four weeks of sales, and continues the 2-year streak as Amazon’s top product.

A Planet of Connected Devices

What to put in my bag today? The options are a Kindle, iPad (3G), Lumix GF-1 with Eye-Wi, a Sprint Overdrive (MeFi), an Apple iPhone, an Android-powered HTC Droid from Verizon, my trusted old and beat up Blackberry Bold (from T-Mobile) and my Macbook Air.

Kindle vs. iPad: You’re Both Winners

Amazon has announced a new Kindle. The new device is pretty awesome, both in features and price. It’s important that we declare both devices as winners and set some things straight for anyone calling iPad a Kindle killer or the other way around.

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Amazon Hopes Less is More With New Kindles

Amazon is riding the wave created by high Kindle e-book sales by releasing two new Kindle readers. The new readers offer the same size screen, while reducing the physical size and weight of the devices. They start shipping on Aug. 27, and pricing starts at $139.

Kindle Breaches the Great Firewall of China

A visitor to China discovered that the Whispernet connectivity of her Kindle was able to download news publications otherwise impossible to get inside China due to the Great Firewall. China takes this censorship duty seriously, so it is surprising this hole exists.

Kindle Books Outsell Hardcovers

Kindle producer Amazon is all excited because the recent price drop of the Kindle has resulted in a growth rate three times as high as before the drop. Kindle books (e-books) are now outselling the hardcover editions on Amazon by a healthy margin, too.

Patent Awarded to Amazon for the Kindle

Amazon applied for a patent four years ago when work was underway on the device that would eventually be known as the Kindle. The patent was awarded today, which points out how a slow patent process is unsuited for the fast-paced world of electronics.

Kindle for Android Now in the Android Market

Amazon finally released the Kindle app into the Android wild today. The app is in the Android Market for free download. Installation is quick and easy (Android 1.6 or later) and after logging in with my Kindle credentials my bookshelf was right where I left it.

Bringing Kindles Into Developing Countries-

Promoting literacy to children of developing countries is an incredibly important task. There is no substitute for education, and improving literacy is the cornerstone of that effort. The Kindle turns out to be an effective tool for the Worldreader organization for getting students in Ghana reading.

Is There a Rollable Display in Your Future?

Sony’s news today that it has developed a thin, OLED display flexible enough to roll around a pencil (or any other 4 mm object) got me thinking about screens. The screen is quite literally your window to the web, so what features do they need?

Will Amazon’s Kindle Ever Have a Decent Browser?

Amazon is advertising a developer role to boost the browser in its Kindle e-book device. But how much better can the browser get with its hobbled hardware? Is this even the right approach for Amazon to combat the onslaught of tablets hitting soon?

Europe's txtr Ready to Fight Amazon’s Kindle

txtr, a Berlin-based startup, is building an eReader that’s aimed to be Europe’s answer to the Amazon (s AMZN) Kindle. Christophe Maire, chief executive officer of the company, sat down with me in Paris earlier this week and gave me the details.

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