Apple relents, and an unplugged Kickstarter is back on

The 1,000 backers of a cancelled Kickstarter project got an early holiday gift: Apple has revamped its Lightning adapter guidelines, and the POP device charger is now a go. The POP uses Apple’s own 30-pin interface as well as micro-USB for charging phones and tablets.

ATOMS another tech toy when LEGOs just aren’t enough

Bringing the maker ethos to toys is a popular effort among hackers and startups, and with ATOMS Express, a Boulder entrepreneur hopes to make DIY toys a reality for younger children and anyone else without programming skills. A Kickstarter campaign could lead to products by June.

UPDATED: Amazon Payments problems stall Kickstarter pledges

UPDATED: Kickstarter backers were having trouble backing project Thursday morning after receiving error reports from Amazon Payments, which processes payments for Kickstarter in the U.S. Kickstarter said the problems have been resolved and pledges are flowing again.

xWallDock turns outlets into iPhone, iPad charging docks

What happens when an industrial designer gets fed up with the many mobile device charging cords and cables in his house? He designs a solution, of course! Thanks to the xWallDock Kickstarter project, you can get in on this simple, but elegant, docking face plate.

How Kickstarter could disrupt public radio

This week, public radio’s Blank on Blank successfully raised more than $11,000 in funding on Kickstarter. It’s not the only radio show looking to crowdfunding as a new way to connect to its audience, and it could foreshadow huge disruptions for public radio.

Chameleon: A must-see home screen for Android tablets

A new homescreen app for Android tablets called Chameleon is like widgets on steroids, offering multiple home screens based on time and location. Chameleon is raising funds on Kickstarter, and got my backing right away. After you see the software in action, you’ll understand why.

Some data on the democratization of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs who build a product for their own use are likely to build a successful company around it, according to a study out from the Kauffman Foundation. The survey found that such “user entrepreneurs” have created about half of startups that last five years or more.

SkyLight project turns iPhones into microscopes

We already knew the iPhone 4S camera was good thanks to its small pixel size and backlit sensor. That’s helping the iPhone 4S to become the most used camera on Flickr, and it may help the iPhone 4S become the most used smartphone in a microscope.

Twine project blows by funding goals thanks to Kickstarter

When Supermechanical turned to Kickstarter to crowdsource funding of its Internet of Things project, it’s doubtful even company co-founders would have thought that they’d reap nearly a half a million dollars — more than 1,000 percent of goal — with time to spare.

Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder Embraces Kickstarter

Smooth move, Jon Heder: The actor best known for his role of Napoleon Dynamite is turning to Kickstarter to get funding for an animated short film he’s producing. That’s good news for Kickstarter, because Heder probably could have just called up a few Hollywood buddies instead.