Hands on: iWork Documents in the Cloud

With the release of OS X Mountain Lion on Tuesday, and updated versions of the iWork apps (which also now have Retina display support) I can finally sync and edit files across all my Apple devices. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set this up.

Apple Releases iWork 1.3 With Support for iOS 4.2

Apple released a fresh update of its iPad productivity suite iWork yesterday. This update supports core iOS 4.2 features such as AirPrint and multitasking. The update also brings better PDF exporting, and provides some fixes for font issues that arise on export.

iPad iWork 1.2 Update: Better Sync for Files, Office

The iWork 1.2 update for iPad brings about a whole host of welcome improvements. The best one in my opinion is the ability to import and export directly from iDisk, or any WebDAV-supported virtual disk. Also, all three apps can now export in MS Office-compatible formats.

iOS 4.1 Update Next Week, 4.2 in November

iOS 4.1 was, as expected, announced during today’s annual September keynote, and includes a slew of bug fixes, and a few new features. But iOS 4.2 was also previewed, which bring iOS 4 to the iPad.

TechUniversity: Advanced Image Editing with Keynote

Many users have Keynote, part of Apple’s iWork suite, but don’t have (or even need) an image editing application like Photoshop. Thankfully, Keynote has image editing capabilities built in as part of the application!

5 iPad Presentation Tips

After working with Keynote on the iPad for the last month, I’ve come up with five presentation tips I want to share with you. Used properly, and in a situation that allows it to play its strengths, the iPad can be an effective presentation tool.

10 Presentation Tips for the Mac

When you give a presentation on your Mac, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Here’s my top 10 list of helpful tips that will help you get the most out of presenting with your Mac.

In Depth Look: Pages on the iPad

Apple’s famous word processing application Pages has seen its first update of 2010, delivered as a touch-enabled little brother for the new iPad. But how does this version stack up to its OS X counterpart? After testing the app for almost a week, here are my thoughts.

iPad Keynote: A Better Mistress Than Wife

I don’t give a ton of presentations, but I’m something of a presentation junky — one of my favorite web sites is Presentation Zen, where the author gives lessons on design theory. Therefore, I’ve been looking forward to iPad Keynote since Phil Schiller gave his dog and pony show.

Quick Tips: iWork ’09

Having used Microsoft Office for many years, despite my utter distain for them, nobody was happier than me when Apple launched the iWork applications. For my light office application needs, Pages, Keynote and Numbers are just perfect. Here are a few tips I use to make my time in the iWork apps a little easier.

Macworld 2009 Keynote Summary

TheAppleBlog attended the Macworld Expo keynote presentation by Phil Schiller yesterday to bring you all the news from San Francisco. For your…

SOASTA Raises $6.4M to Test in the Cloud

Software testing provider SOASTAhas closed a $6.4 million Series B financing from Formative Ventures, Canaan Partners and The Entrepreneur’s Fund, bringing the total amount of money it’s raised to $10 million.

Keynote Online

Two former Apple guys, one from the iPhone team and one from the iTunes team have created an online slideshow creator. that…

FCC DSL ruling tomorrow

Talk about being a very good day. Looks like Baby Bells will no longer have to share their wireline networks with other…

EU pushes BPL

Broadband over powerline, so far has seen limited success, but that’s not stopping bureaucrats to push the technology in European Union. Given…