Why do physical keyboards still exist for mobile?

There are a glut of companies offering touchscreen keyboard software. While this means the typing experience on touchscreen devices is getting easier, it hasn’t stopped people from buying, or wanting to buy, mobile devices with real keyboards.

CruxSKUNK: A thin iPad keyboard case with a twist

Looking for a wireless iPad keyboard? There are plenty of choices on Kickstarter and this one has a slick feature: The hinge rotates 360-degrees allowing the device to double as a stand for touch input. If you want in, there’s not much time left!

Touch typist’s dream keyboard comes to the Mac

Apple users who also type like the wind are in luck: Das Keyboard took the wrapper off a version of its impressive mechanical switch keyboard that’s designed for Macs. In addition to tactile feedback, the Das Keyboard for Mac offers special keys designed for Apple machines.

Why Nuance, a speech company, bought Swype

Voice-technology company Nuance Communications has confirmed that it has scooped up mobile text software provider Swype for $102.5 million, according to an SEC filing, adding Swype to its stable of voice and text input technologies. It’s just the latest pickup for Nuance.

Secrets of the Camera Connection Kit

While it may be intended as a tool for adding photos to your iPad, the Camera Connection Kit can do more than Apple (s aapl) tells you about. I’ve tested what capabilities the kit has, and what secrets are hiding under the white casing.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Soon after receiving my bluetooth Apple keyboard, I found that most of the keyboard shortcuts I was hoping for were not there. So, after trying every keyboard shortcut I could think of, here’s a rundown of all the shortcuts that work on the iPad.

Xbox to Get Its Own Video Shows

The Safran Digital Group will produce scripted short-form content for the Xbox, according to reports. We’ll have more tomorrow, but for now…