Kevin Systrom

Whose (Instagram) ad is it anyway?

Instagram started experimenting with advertising recently. It is only following what its members have already started doing – embedding commercial messages into instagrams they share. It might pose an interesting challenge for the photo network.

Instagram growth up sharply, says it has 150 million users

Instagram says it has 150 million users and it signed up about 50 million users in past six months. The company is benefitting from the sharp increase in smartphone penetration, especially overseas where Android juggernaut has caught full momentum. Nearly 60% of its users are overseas.

Instagram & me: Love at first sight

Being a cynical optimist by nature, whenever I fall head over heels in love (no, not in the romantic sense) with a product, and the startup and the founder(s), I know that startup/product is going to be a winner. The Instagram-Facebook deal is decent testimony.

Chatting w/Twitter, Instagram, Square, Pandora at Mobilize 2011

We are hosting the fourth edition of our Mobilize: The Internet Conference in San Francisco next week. I will be chatting with folks from Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard, Pandora, Square and T-Mobile USA. We are talking about “what’s next” for mobile. Hope to see you there.

Instagram wannabes…

Vlix, a mobile video sharing app that adds Instagram-like filters is joining a long line of start-ups and apps that are trying to do precisely the same thing. To bad, none of these apps aping Instagram know what really matters to the app users.

Instagram: 150 million photos shared

Thanks to celebrities and its excellent usability and engagement techniques, Instagram, one of my favorite iPhone-based photo sharing apps has crossed another milestone — 150 million photos shared. Less than a year old, the service now has over 7 million users who share 15 photos per second.

Why Instagram Can Become The Mobile Social Hub

100 Cameras in 1, a photo app created by Stuck in Customs, can now export photos directly to Instagram, the first app to do so. If more apps export to Instagram, the upstart photo network could become the center of the iPhone mobile photo experience.