Wi-Fi: It’s the other cell network

Japan’s KDDI has seen the future of cellular service and Wi-Fi (and even WiMAX) has a starring role. Its heterogeneous network is the future of mobile broadband, and could lead to lower operating costs and perhaps cheaper prices for end users.

After Verizon, Skype Friends Japan’s KDDI

Skype today announced that it has signed up KDDI, a Japanese phone company, which will integrate Skype into some of its handsets. This makes KDDI one of the handful of cellphone companies (including Verizon Wireless) Skype is looking for growth, ahead of its IPO.

Google's Underwater Ambitions Expand

Google is making its second underwater cable investment, an effort to link parts of Asia Pacific and add up to 23 Tbps of bandwidth capacity to the region. The construction is part of a boom in submarine cables fueled by broadband demand.

KDDI Adds Visual Search From Bandai

Japan’s KDDI will launch visual search on its Spring 2008 au line of camera phones, and will make the application available for download to…