Kayak and Palo Alto Networks enjoy clean IPO take-offs

Who says the IPO window is shut: successful public offerings by online travel company Kayak and networking software company Palo Alto Networks shows that investors will open their checkbooks as long as the companies have real business prospects. Both stocks ended their first day flying high.

Kayak revives IPO plans, plans to raise up to $100M

Kayak, which first filed to go public back in November of 2010, is back on track with its IPO. The company updated its S-1 Monday saying it is looking to raise up to $100.6 million after pricing its IPO between $22 and $25 per share.

Why ESPN is all about mobile

ESPN is seeing huge traffic and engagement from its mobile offerings — enough for the sports giant to think about its design and products from a “mobile-first” perspective. And it is not alone, as we have pointed out many times before.

Why Kayak prefers mobile

One of the world’s most popular travel websites has decided mobile is better. On Monday, Kayak will reveal an updated design for its eight-year-old site. The interesting part? Kayak is now taking design cues from its recently updated iPad and iPhone apps, not vice versa.

Kayak: Lessons learned as it relaunches on the iPad

On Tuesday Kayak plans to launch a new app for iOS. It’s throwing out its old Kayak HD app and making a universal app for iOS. We talk to its head of mobile about the lessons learned since the launch on the original iPad.

Kayak Checks Into Direct Hotel Booking as IPO Approaches

Kayak is now handling hotel bookings itself, rather than just referring customers to partner sites like Expedia and Orbitz. The move marks a significant turn as Kayak shifts from simply aggregating travel deal information into being a destination where users can complete their purchase.

Why the Valley Needs the Kayak IPO

Silicon Valley has to get over its initial public offering anxiety, according to Benchmark Capital’s Bill Gurley, and it needs to do it fast. What could help? An initial public offering by Kayak, the travel service, which filed for a $50 million IPO today.

Rich Barton's New Startup to Re-think Travel Planning

It’s hard not to be intrigued by the bits of information that have filtered out of stealthy startup New Travelco, which comes from Expedia, Zillow and Glassdoor founder Rich Barton, along with other “early Expedians” including Greg Slyngstad, co-founder of VacationSpot and board member of Kayak.

Kayak Sells Hotel Reviews Site TravelPost

Travel search engine Kayak has sold hotel information site TravelPost to an online travel startup founded by several former Expedia employee…

Kayak's Projected Market Cap: At Least $705M

One of the more solid and genuinely useful Internet startups out there, Kayak, was dissected in a report released today by NeXt Up Research for SharesPost. Based on estimated revenue and comparison to competitors, the report estimates Kayak’s market cap at between $705 and $771 million.

Kayak and Yapta Team Up to Help You Find Cheaper Flights

Yapta today announced a partnership with travel search site Kayak that will make its highly useful flight-tracking service a lot more accessible. Soon, all search results on Kayak and its subsidiary SideStep will give you the option to “track price drops.”

How the iPhone Changed Kayak's Business

A mobile app needs to be more accessible than a web site, but not simpler and dumber. Travel search service Kayak is changing its overall business strategy to address user needs it only became aware after seeing how they use its iPhone app.

VMware Fusion On Sale

Black Friday sale prices are coming a little early for those of you looking to buy VMware Fusion this month. Our readers…

Kayak-SideStep Merge, Ride Ahead Is Rocky

In a surprise move, two vertical search sites, Kayak and SideStep decide to merge. The deal gives Kayak the heft, making it the fifth largest online travel destination. But that doesn’t mean it is immune from challenges posed by a slowing economy and its impact on the travel industry at large.