Lunch, disrupted: ZeroCater helps startups get fed

If your company gets its food catered every day, you’ve probably heard of ZeroCater. More than just an awesome service, it’s also a great story about one dude that created a business by solving a problem for himself and offering that service to others.

Justin Kan’s Exec app is like Uber for odd jobs

Justin Kan has a new venture called Exec that aims to make hiring temporary help easy and seamless. Launching to the public today, the Exec iPhone app lets anyone hire an assistant to do his bidding at a flat rate of $25 an hour (plus expenses).

Dyyno’s over-the-top broadcasting by the numbers

What’s Dyyno been up to? It has signed up broadcasters for its spiffy Dyyno Universal Broadcaster; that’s what! dUb lets anyone begin streaming live events and more than three-quarters of those users have broadcast at least once.

Why Justin.tv set Socialcam free

Socialcam was always a departure from Justin.tv’s live streaming business. After all, Socialcam is all about capturing videos and sharing them with friends later. Still, it was surprising to learn that the Socialcam app would be spinning out of Justin.tv and going it alone.

Socialcam hits 1M downloads, makes it easier to find friends

Justin.tv’s Socialcam has notched a million downloads on the Apple App Store. But it isn’t stopping there — recent releases are aimed at making it easier for users to login, find friends within the app and share videos to even more possible distribution points.

Vibop: Shoot, edit and share videos on the iPhone

The latest mobile app to enter the social-video-sharing fray is Vibop, which makes it drop-dead simple to polish your videos and add effects before sharing them with friends. The app is free to download and plans to make money by selling effects in-app.

Justin.tv launches TwitchTV for live streamed video gaming

Justin.tv has attracted tons of video gamers to the site, to broadcast and watch live streams of professional video gamers battle it out online. With that in mind, Justin.tv is launching TwitchTV, a new brand and site devoted entirely to live streams of video games.

Vlix iPhone App: Social Sharing, Video Editing & Effects

There’s a new iPhone app that hopes to combine the best social sharing features with in-app video editing, enabling users to add effects to their videos the The app, called Vlix, was created by SpotMixer and is pending approval for release on the Apple App Store.

Can Justin.tv’s Socialcam Become the Instagram of Video?

Justin.tv has made a name for itself by providing a simple platform for live streaming video online and to mobile phones. But now it’s releasing a mobile app called Socialcam that isn’t about live experiences at all, but about sharing on-demand video streams with friends.

UFC Takes Justin.tv to Court Over Pirated MMA Streams

The Ulitmate Fighting Championship (UFC) has long struggled to battle piracy of its pay-per-view events. It’s stepping up that fight by taking live streaming firm Justin.tv to court for copyright infringement, but it’s doing so after it has used Justin.tv’s takedown tools and fingerprinting technology.

Vid-Biz: Fox-Cablevision, Justin.tv, CableCARD

Today on the Net: the FCC proposed arbitration in the Fox-Cablevision retrans dispute, but Fox has declined, Justin.tv continues to grow UGC traffic despite the loss of business development execs and the FCC ordered some CableCARD reform that comes up short.

Vid-Biz: Google TV Ads, Justin.TV, Netgear-Roku

Today on the Net: Google and NBC Universal give up on their two-year old Google TV partnership, Justin.TV’s chief business officer leaves a week after the VP of product departed and Netgear is selling co-branded Roku boxes at Fry’s.

Mobile Apps Give Justin.tv a 20% Bump

20 percent of all broadcasts on Justin.tv now originate from the recently launched Android and iPhone apps. This number is poised to grow even further with a new iOS app supporting streams from the new iPod touch. Next up could be an app for Blackberry phones.

Dyyno Launches Universal Broadcaster With Justin.tv

Online video startup Dyyno is rolling out a new universal broadcasting software that allows users to easily set up and live stream video presentations, games and movies online. The new Dyyno Universal Broadcaster also integrates with Justin.tv to tapping into its audience of 30 million users.