Mobile Mason-Dixon: Android in South, iOS in North

Which states click ads on which mobile platform? Jumptap’s ad network can tell you, based on its 83 million users, and the results may surprise. Expect this granular mobile ad data reporting to continue as advertisers can begin targeting platform, location and even device by manufacturer.

Industry Moves: Verizon; Jumptap; Appia

— Verizon: Lowell McAdam is the latest addition to the operator’s board of directors. He has been the COO of Verizon since last October and…

Carriers Have a Hunch There’s Money in User Data

Wireless carriers, which have been sitting on a largely untouched goldmine of data, may be poised to start tapping into their mother lode. Chris Dixon of recommendation and personalization site Hunch said he’s meeting with operators looking at deploying Hunch for recommendations and personalization.