What I learned while live-tweeting a friend’s funeral

Posting to Twitter from someone’s funeral might be seen as inappropriate, but to me it seemed like the perfect way to honor my friend — and it also allowed others to feel as though they were part of the ceremony even though they couldn’t be there.

Why Twitter might make lawyers as important as ever

The legal profession has undergone a lot of change over the past few years, but don’t dismiss it as an anachronism just yet. As the web changes the way citizens consume and digest information, including on important legal issues, lawyers should remain as important as ever.

Content Farms 2.0: Can Robots Help Write the News?

With AOL, Demand Media and Yahoo all investing heavily in creating huge networks, “content farms” are clearly here to stay. But how far can they go? A team of journalists and computer scientists is conducting an experiment to see if the news can be completely automated.

Ebyline Wants to Create an iTunes for Journalism

Plenty of startups want to revolutionize how journalism is done, but Ebyline says it just wants to drag the process of producing and syndicating news content into the 21st century and make it more efficient, by creating an open marketplace: a kind of iTunes for journalism.

Like It or Not, Twitter Has Become a News Platform

There’s been plenty of debate about whether Twitter has become “mainstream” or not, but examples continue to pile up of how the microblogging platform has worked its way into our lives, to the point where it has become a form of media, and a powerful one.

Hyper-Local News Site TBD Launches to Much Fanfare, a Washington-based experiment in online hyper-local journalism from Allbritton Communications, creators of the political news site Politico, launched this morning with much fanfare. Whether the new startup’s blend of local reporting and blog aggregation can win it an audience remains to be seen, however. to AOL's Patch: Bring It On

Mark Josephson, CEO of hyper-local news aggregator, isn’t concerned about AOL pouring $50 million into its hyper-local news operation. He says that while they are both going after local advertising, the two services are very different and there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Gordon Lightfoot Dies, Twitter Gets Blamed

Legendary Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot joins the growing list of celebrities that Twitter has reported were dead when they were in fact very much alive. But all the social network really did was spread the news, and it spread the correction just as quickly.