Whatever happened to the YouTube killers?

This week, both Dailymotion and Metacafe got acquired, ending the independence of two sites that at one time went head-to-head with YouTube, competing for the attention of users uploading their homemade videos. This made us wonder: Whatever did happen to all those other once-promising YouTube competitors?

Netflix launch in UK and Ireland planned for early 2012

After enduring a torrid few months, Netflix is hoping to get that it can generate some positive momentum by announcing plans to launch in the U.K. and Ireland early next year — its first product launch outside the Americas. But it will face stiff competition.

There’s No Mystery to The Event‘s Social Media

Whether you liked or loathed the premiere of NBC’s The Event last night, the transmedia elements accompanying the series are super-disappointing. While there are a few sites and Twitter accounts, their level of success ranges from mildly entertaining to flat-out disjointed.

Vid-Biz: ABC, Demand Media & Joost, Epix HD

Today on the Net: ABC has doubled the number of ads it shows in its iPad app, Demand Media chooses Joost for its video ad sales and technology, and Epix is adding authentication with a new HD site aimed at Cox and Mediacom customers.

Joost Resurrected As a Video Ad Network

Joost, just a few months after having its assets purchased by Adconion Media Group, has found new life as a video ad network. The just-launched Joost Video Network will serve up in-banner and in-stream ads to targeted audiences.

Will Spotify Turn Out Like Joost?

Before web music service Spotify launched, serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky called it “Joost for music.” Indeed, Spotify would be well-advised to learn from Joost’s mistakes — or it could wind up suffering a similar fate.

Is the Clock Ticking on Skype?

If history is any guide, then recent actions by Skype co-founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom indicate that they wouldn’t hesitate killing…

Vid-Biz: Volpi, Viacom, Reeves

Joost Removed Volpi as Chairman; brouhaha gets more interesting as Joost says it “is conducting an investigation into Mr. Volpi’s actions during…

Vid-Biz: CIMM, AT&T, FCC

Ratings Consortium Gets a Name; Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is the supergroup of media companies and advertisers trying to take…

What Went Wrong With Joost?

Joost, a much-vaunted online video startup, has announced that it will offer a white-label video hosting platform, thus entering a crowded market littered with the carcasses of other failed video hosts. As someone who has followed Joost from its very inception, I’m amazed at how badly it’s stumbled. It shouldn’t have.

Reports: Joost’s Volpi On ITV CEO Shortlist

From desktop app, to live streaming web TV service… to top of Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster? It sounds like something of a wild…

Ooyala to Power Joost

NewTeeVee has learned that video platform startup Ooyala will soon power video portal Joost. Representatives for the two companies confirmed that Ooyala…

Joost Connects With Facebook

Web TV platform Joost launched its Facebook Connect integration this morning, allowing users to log into Joost using their Facebook account. Once…

Joost Leapfrogs to Flash, Dropping Plug-in Too

Joost CEO Mike Volpi told us today that his company is dropping downloads altogether for its Internet TV platform. Though Joost previously required desktop software and more recently offered a browser plug-in, now even Joost users who have the new plug-in installed will default to Flash.

No Download Required: Joost to Go Flash

As we previously reported, Internet TV startup Joost is ditching its downloadable desktop software. But now the company is taking things a step further, to give users the option to access the site without even downloading a P2P browser plug-in. All its content and new social features will be available in Flash, with higher definition, live, and some international programming only available with download of a “premium” (but still free) plug-in.

British Broadcaster: YouTube Is “Parasite,” Content Is King

Technology companies like Google/YouTube and Joost are “parasites,” said British broadcaster ITV Chairman Michael Grade, at the IBC technology conference in Amsterdam today. “The day that Google or Joost or any of these people start investing £1bn a year in UK content is the day I’ll start to be worried… They’re all parasites, they just live off our content is what they do. As long as we can create the content, the content is the keys to the castle for us going forward.”

Joost to Kill Desktop Client

Exclusive: In what is likely to be a major shift in the company strategy, peer-to-peer start-up, Joost is going to stop making…

Joost To Kill Desktop Client

Exclusive: In what is likely to be a major shift in the company’s strategy, peer-to-peer startup Joost is going to stop making…

Joost Goes to China

Joost launches a Chinese version today as a joint venture with TOM Online, the Chinese media conglomerate that’s majority-owned by Joost investor…

March Madness Live On Joost

Peer-to-peer TV start-up Joost will make live-streaming video available to all its users tomorrow; it has also scored a deal with its…

ITN Delivers Content to Joost

UK-based news service ITN will expand its online offerings through a new partnership with interactive television platform Joost. As per the agreement,…