John Chambers

Rometty to succeed Palmisano as IBM chairman

In the latest phase of a well-organized succession plan at IBM, Virginia Rometty will become chairman of the IT giant on October 1. Sam Palmisano will stay on as advisor until December 1, the company said.

John Chambers on the future of Cisco

Cisco hit the skids 18 months ago which led to a restructuring that was completed in record time. Now Cisco is ready to roll again, and to celebrate, CEO John Chambers discussed the company’s future. Here are 3 key takeaways.

John Chambers on why Cisco never bought Skype

Cisco, the networking company that many felt would be a great acquirer of Skype had looked at the VoIP and video company and declined because it couldn’t see a way to do a deal without upsetting its service provider customers, according to Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Cisco's Chambers Bangs the Collaboration Drum

Cisco CEO John Chambers delivered the opening address at this morning’s Cisco Financial Analyst Conference in San Jose, Calif., where he stressed collaboration applications, server virtualization, and video as three key points of focus for his company — along with much healthier revenue growth targets.