Jerry Yang

New OpenStack clouds mean something for everyone

If there isn’t an OpenStack cloud you fancy, wait a second, there’s more — a lot more — in the pipeline. Cloudscaling, Metacloud and Dreamhost will all preview their take on the open-source cloud this week at the OpenStack Summit in San Diego.

Will Yahoo turn out to be an egg on its buyer’s face?

Silicon Valley is abuzz with rumors of Yahoo and its private equity buyers. And there are many. Whatever comes of these moves, the questions are, can Yahoo be saved? What is the value that can be retrieved? And will it become Waterloo for the P/E folks?

Why Jerry Yang buying Yahoo might be a good thing

Yahoo is in turmoil, as vulture funds circle the company. Co-founder Jerry Yang says he doesn’t want to sell, and there are reports he is looking at taking the company private — which might be the best thing to happen to Yahoo in a long time.

Yahoo Founders To Sell Shares

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) founders Jerry Yang and David Filo (pictured, in 1998) are cutting back their holdings in the company. In a filing with t…

@ D6: The Defiant Yang: I Bleed Purple

The best and slightly desperate part from Yang yet, in his keynote Q&A at the D conference: “The perception of us being a company under sieg…