Jeff Bezos

Gearing up for AWS re:Invent

What to expect: Keynotes by Amazon Web Services bigwigs (minus Jeff Bezos); Netflix, NASA; a scrum of partner announcements; and lots of counter programming from cloud rivals.

Kevin Kelly & the power of ideas

Kevin Kelly, is a great role model for any and every technology writer. Former editor of A Whole Earth Catalog, co-founder of The Well (an online community) and founding executive editor of Wired Magazine is a man of ideas. My reflections after meeting him last week.

5 fun and terrifying things about working for Jeff Bezos

“Do I need to go down and get the certificate that says I’m CEO of the company to get you to stop challenging me on this?” An upcoming book reveals what it’s like to work for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, privately referred to by some competitors as “sensei.”

Does Amazon minus Amazon Web Services make sense?

Amazon Web Services is, depending on who’s talking, the bedrock and revenue-generating engine for Amazon, or it’s a thin-margin sideline for the giant retailer. Either way, does it make sense for Amazon to spin it off a la EMC and VMware?

How much did Adobe pay for Behance? 

Earlier this morning, Adobe Systems, the San Jose-based creative software giant announced that it was buying New York City-based design-oriented community, Behance. Since then, many have been wondering how much did Adobe shell out? Now we have the answer.

Newvem makes its Amazon analytics available

Newvem has tested its analytics with customer data for 8 months and says its key finding is that customers need to hear how use of Amazon services will make them more profitable. Saving money is one thing, making money is better.

So that’s why BufferBox is so hot

Amazon is increasing the speed with which it is rolling out its Lockers across the country by partnering with retailers such as Staples and RadioShack. That attention is helping lift the fortunes of startups that want to take on Amazon — BufferBox being one of them.

My thoughts on 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, 2012 edition

Tablets (or any gadget) are supposed to be our companions for a long time. And in order to review them, you really have to live with them. So, after using the new Kindle Fire for about three days, all I can offer are my early impressions.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire 4G bait and switch

Amazon is known for cutting its customers a deal on Kindle hardware, making its money back on services. The new LTE Fire, though, appears to be an exception. Adding 4G to your Kindle costs $130 plus a non-negotiable storage upgrade. Apparently 4G is for suckers.

Cloud strategy: Choose wisely

As executives contemplate the emergence of cloud computing, it’s important that they understand the questions they need to ask about why they’d adopt the new IT paradigm. Those deciding should consider the history and decisions made by Borders, the bookstore chain. Its execs chose poorly.

U.S. State Department withdraws Kindle contract proposal

In June, the U.S. State Department was close to a $16.5 million, no-bid deal with Amazon that would have provided Kindles to overseas programs. State has now withdrawn its request for proposal. It plans to “conduct additional market research” and open up to more vendors.

Amazon disappoints investors with plunging profits

Amazon (s AMZN) disappointed investors with its second-quarter earnings Thursday, reporting plunging profits and results below Wall Street expectations. The company reported $12.83 billion in revenue, up 29 percent over last year but missing estimates of $12.9 billion, and predicts an operating loss for Q3.

UK’s Waterstones will sell Amazon Kindle (sorry, Nook)

UK bookstore chain Waterstones has signed an agreement with Amazon to sell the Kindle in its 300 stores and “launch new e-reading services.” The news is a blow for Barnes & Noble, which was rumored to be working with Waterstones on the Nook’s international launch.

Creative portfolio showcase Behance gets $6.5M from USV, Jeff Bezos

After bootstrapping itself for more than five years, New York City-based Behance, an online destination for creative galleries and portfolios, has finally turned to outside funding, securing a $6.5 million investment from Union Square Ventures and a host of investors including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon, Eucalyptus team up for just don’t call it a hybrid cloud

Amazon and Eucalyptus announced a partnership that gives corporate customers a chance to bridge their private clouds with Amazon’s cloud that includes services such as S3 and EC2. It is a sign that Jeff Bezos’ company is aggressively moving to keep competition at bay.

The Kindle Fire has sizzle, but AWS is the steak

Amazon’s shiny Kindle Fire may be the sizzle, but Amazon Web Services — which pair vast compute power and customer behavior data to speed up browsing by anticipating a user’s next move — are the steak, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a Wired interview.

Clay Christensen on Steve Jobs & the trouble with venture capital

How much wisdom can one glean from a 20-minute chat with Professor Clay Christensen? A lot. Here are notable highlights from the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma. We talk about Steve Jobs, innovation and the incorrect focus on short term thinking and trouble with IRR.


Tablets wars: Apple is from Venus, Amazon is from Mars

On Wednesday Amazon announced several new devices, including the Kindle Fire tablet, which some claim is the iPad’s first real competitor. And while there’s some truth to that assertion, distinct differences in the two companies’ hardware offerings and business models suggest Amazon’s success won’t come at the expense of Apple’s.

Kindle Fire details reveal no iPad competitor

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is now a known quantity, thanks to details from Amazon executives. The Android-based tablet has an attractive price, but to get there, it cut so many corners it probably won’t make much of a dent in Apple’s market lead.

Japanese Internet giant to push home solar

Marrying ecommerce with solar isn’t a new idea, but in Japan, the nuclear disaster in March this year has inspired one Internet giant to not only start selling solar panels online but also offering financial options.

Amazon in 2011 is where Walmart was in 1991

In 1991, Walmart reported revenue of over $44B, an increase of 35% over the prior year. In 2011 will report revenue of $49B, an increase of 43% over the prior year. is the Walmart of our era (vendor dislikes and all.)

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Backs Nuclear Startup General Fusion

Looks like Bill Gates isn’t the only Internet titan interested in backing nuclear power innovation. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions, has joined a $19.5 million round of funding for nuclear fusion startup General Fusion

Jeff Bezos on Kindle & e-Books’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos, in talking about the future of Kindle says he thinks it won’t be long before Amazon is “selling more electronic books than we are physical books.” He shares his Kindle ambitions with The New York Times. Here is a summary.

Jeff Bezos vs. Bailout CEOs

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Pic of The Day: Bezos and the Submarine

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Social Gaming Network Adds Bezos As Investor

Social Gaming Network, a major distributor of games on Facebook and other social networks, has added Bezos Expeditions, Jeff Bezos’ investme…

GigaOM Interview: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos founder and CEO Jeff Bezos charmed everyone at this week’s D6 Conference with his optimism for Kindle, but I got him to talk about Amazon Web Services and his company’s efforts in cloud computing. Here is a short excerpt from that conversation, captured on my Sanyo Xacti. Watch video below the fold.