It’s still early days for connected wearables

Connected, smart wearables, are in a similar phase to the Home Brew Computer Club Days, according to Jawbone’s CEO Hosain Rahman. We’ll be talking about wearables, the quantified self and connected bodies at our RoadMap event on November 5th in San Francisco.

Jawbone’s $99 Up is ready to boost your health

The latest health monitor hitting the market comes from Jawbone, a company that’s made its name by designing wireless headsets for phones. Called the Jawbone Up, the wrist-worn device launches on Nov. 6 for $99; it measures activity, sleep and nutrition through a complementary iPhone app.

With Icon, Jawbone Launches a Platform

Aliph today launched a tiny new headset, Jawbone Icon, that is capable of using special apps that are downloaded to the device, thanks to its new platform. By offering optimized apps for this platform, the company is making what is essentially a dumb device smarter.

Jawbone 2.0

Like me, Jawbone has gotten a little skinnier and lighter. And like me, it has a whole new wardrobe. About 50 percent…