Microsoft attacks JavaScript scaling with TypeScript

Javascript is wildly popular but needs enterprise-class capabilities if it’s going to continue to be used to build business applications. That’s why Microsoft is offering TypeScript a superset of JavaScript that adds these needed perks available as a download.

Want to be a reporter? Learn to code

Journalism schools have to do a much better job teaching prospective reporters about the programming skills needed to tell data-driven, visual stories on web pages, not front pages, says the executive director of Northwestern University’s Knight News Innovation Lab.

Software coding: not just for programmers anymore

The thought that everyone should write software is gaining steam. The reasoning is that if all the people who use software actually understand how to build software, everyone’s better off. But if everyone codes, what’s that mean for the professionals?

MLstate’s OPA: A better way to build cloud apps

Paris is for lovers and programming language startups. MLstate is trying to get backers for its Opa language, which hopes to automate a lot of busy work for programmers and was a finalist at the Launchpad competition during GigaOM Structure last week.

Does your Facebook mobile app suck? Here’s why

Is your Facebook mobile app slow to update or showing old data on Android or iOS? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve noticed a degradation in the mobile application’s performance for months but I never knew exactly why it was. Until now.

Cubism.js: a cool new way to display timeline data

With Square Inc.’s new open-source Cubism.js library, developers can devise complex timeline visualizations that tap into multiple data backends. Think Yahoo Finance stock charts only more dynamic and interactive. Cubism.js is available under the Apache license from Github.

Web developers: Watch out for Meteor!

Meteor, a new real-time JavaScript framework targeting web app developers, is causing quite a stir on Twitter and Hacker News. One of the company’s biggest claims is that its open-source technology will enable hot code updates that won’t disturb app users.

Benchmarks: Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs Transformer Prime

Now that Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab 7.7, my patience to upgrade the old Galaxy Tab has paid off: This small slate with high-def display offers big performance. Here are benchmarks compared to other tablets like the Transformer Prime; both are solid performers in real life.

Are Yahoo Cocktails the answer for cross-platform apps?

Yahoo’s magic elixir for web developers frustrated by writing web applications that display on multiple devices is Mojito, a “100 percent” JavaScript application framework and Manhattan, a cloud-based Mojito hosted environment that layers higher-level services atop a basic Node.js server execution engine.