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Yahoo CEO watch: Levinsohn alone on deck

Yahoo and Facebook announcing that they will avoid the patent version of the Hundred Years’ War should be enough to seal the deal for interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, credited with the change in strategy, to get the “i” word removed from his title. Will it be?

Will the Yahoo board stick with Levinsohn?

As Yahoo’s July 12th annual meeting approaches, it looks like the latest search for a CEO might be ending soon. Will the new board stick with interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who has been unwinding the last re-org, or go outside?

3 reasons Hulu is a tough sell

Hulu’s board of directors has hired investment banks to begin exploring a sale of the online video startup. But will any buyer get what it’s bargained for? Questions about future content deals and the ability to hold the attention of viewers could spoil Hulu’s future.

Why Jason Kilar Will Leave Hulu

The portrait of Hulu that emerged from today’s Wall Street Journal is that of a hopelessly dysfunctional venture at odds with itself over it…

Hulu Brings in the Dough: $240M of Revenue in 2010

Hulu is going to make more than $240 million in revenue in 2010, the company’s CEO Jason Kilar revealed at NewTeeVee Live today. Hulu had 30 million users in October 2010, who watched some 260 million content streams as well as 800 million ad streams.

Conversation: Hulu CEO on Netflix, Hulu Plus and Broadband

In an interview, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar talks about the future of his three-year-old company, competition with Netflix and Apple, cooperating with content partners, broadband and his company’s newest offering — Hulu Plus, a subscription service that will help the company get content to connected devices.

Hulu May Launch Ad-Free Premium App

Hulu’s new paid version, Hulu Plus, has come under fire for charging a monthly subscription fee without taking ads out of its programming. Hulu CEO Jason Kilar tells us he’s not averse taking ads out entirely; users would just have to pay a higher price for it.

Hulu’s Plans for the iPad, the Mobile Internet

When will Hulu launch an iPad version of the service. Or for that matter an iPhone app or one for Android? Is there a mobile strategy for Hulu?CEO Jason Kilar shared his views on the mobile web with me at the DLD Conference in Munich.