Janus Friis

Can Vdio compete with Netflix & Hulu?

How can Vdio possibly compete with Netflix and its 25 million subscribers? That’s a question we heard a lot when we broke the story about the new video service backed by Skype’s co-founder Janus Friis yesterday. The answer may have to do with timing and location.

For eBay, the Bet on Skype Pays Off. Finally!

eBay can finally breathe a sigh of relief about its ill-fated Skype acquisition, now that Microsoft has bought the company for $8.5 billion. A back of the envelope calculation shows that eBay might have made a 40 percent profit on its Skype adventure. Here’s how.

For Skypers, First the Party, Then the Job Cuts

A few days after co-founder Niklas Zennstrom hosted a special party for Skypers, nearly 30 of them got the bad news: no more jobs. This is the latest in the ongoing soap opera-like saga of the Skype-eBay merger.