Jack Dorsey

Square files to go public

Square filed an initial public offering today. The payments company, which was co-founded by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey in 2009, has been…

7 Stories to read this weekend

Google cars, new attitudes towards mass transit, crazy future we live in, David Byrne, Zulily IPO, Malcom Gladwell, TED Talks and why bags made from crocodile skins so expensive — these are some of the stories on menu this weekend.

Two-Hit Wonder

http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/10/21/131021fa_fact_max The New Yorker has published a long, languid look at the entrepreneurial talents of Twitter and Square creator Jack Dorsey, following him…

7 stories to read this weekend

Saving Nokia, the page view apocalypse, Jonathan Franzen is old and cranky, corn is king, Senegal and the American South, the story of The Climate Company, and the modern genome gold rush — these are some of the stories for your weekend reading pleasure.

Disruption: It moves in mysterious ways

Google today released a new video showcasing the user interface of its Google Glass efforts. On the surface it might look like a hands free camera, but in reality it can open up a lot of new possibilities. Just like the iPad did before it.

Rewind: 5 must see videos from RoadMap 2011

Last year at Roadmap we talked to folks such as Jack Dorsey, Matt Mullenweg, Drew Houston, Brian Chesky and others about how connectedness changes everything. Here are some videos to watch ahead of RoadMap 2012 which features the likes of Ev Williams and Kevin Systrom.

On track to process $6B in payments, Square hires new CFO

Square, the mobile payment company founded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, announced Wednesday that it’s hired a chief financial operator and is processing more than $6 billion in payments, demonstrating impressive growth for a company just launched in 2010.

Now even retailers want to be like….

The tablets and smartphones are continuing to disrupt many old businesses and at the same time creating new opportunities. Retail outlets and hospitality industry are next frontiers for these devices, as research from Motorola finds out. And that’s good news for Apple and Square amongst many.

Square, the Google Wallet exodus and NFC

Square snagged one of the founding engineers of Google Wallet, making people wonder if it was going to embrace NFC. My guess – not likely, for they believe that their app-based approach has lot less friction. With recent talent exodus, something is not right at Google Wallet.


Connectivity means making the machine disappear

The recent GigaOM RoadMap conference in San Francisco featured a number of thought-provoking speakers — Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, venture investor Mike Moritz and former Sun Micrososystems founder Andy Bechtolsheim among them — and their views on technology’s future ranged all over the map. But one thread that ran through many of the different themes, from mobile and design to health and communication, was the idea that in the not-too-distant future, the computer will be less and less visible to us, even as it becomes more powerful. The implications of that are profound, but is your company ready to adapt to this new age of invisible computing?

Is Jack Dorsey the heir apparent to Steve Jobs?

We may not ever get another Steve Jobs, but when it comes to tech visionaries with the potential to disrupt the way we look at the world in significant ways, Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey is as strong a contender for the mantle as any.

GigaOM RoadMap 2011: live video coverage

Our first-ever GigaOM RoadMap event is today, examining how constant connectivity will change the way we work, live, create and consume. Watch the livestream and follow our live blogs here. The livestream starts at 8:40 a.m.

Andy Bechtolsheim & Drew Houston to speak at GigaOM RoadMap

We are adding two new speakers — Andy Bechtolsheim and Drew Houston — to our lineup for the GigaOM RoadMap, our conference that will look at how connectedness changes everything from how we live, work, create and consume. It is being held on November 10 in San Francisco.

Twitter/Square co-founder Jack Dorsey to speak at RoadMap

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the Internet’s two hottest companies, Square and Twitter, will be a keynote speaker at our GigaOM RoadMap conference, to be held on November 10 in San Francisco. Dorsey is one of the technology luminaries who will talk about the impact of connectedness.

So was the Twitter Town Hall better than a regular one?

After having a YouTube Q&A and a Facebook session, the Obama administration upped the ante with a Twitter town hall on Wednesday. While it wasn’t exactly a dramatic step towards transparency and openness, it was probably a little better than a traditional town hall.

Square gets $100M, valued at $1B

One thing is clear: Investors love Square, the payments company co-founded by Jack Dorsey, the co-creator of Twitter. The veteran venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is leading the $100 million investment in the company that is said to be valued at $1 billion.

It’s Obvious: Ev Williams and Biz Stone, together again

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is leaving the company to join former CEO Evan Williams and former lead developer Jason Goldman in a new venture called Obvious. For the team that helped create Twitter and Blogger, expectations for their new project are going to be pretty high.

Square Hopes to Kill Cash Register With Square Register

Not two years after introducing the world to its little mobile credit card reader, Square is looking to write the obituary for the modern cash register–along with every location-based, daily deal and mobile payment app in existence with its new Square Register and Card Case.

Why Did PayPal Buy Fig Card? Find Out

The word is that once upon a time, eBay’s PayPal tried to buy Jack Dorsey’s Square. Today, the company announced that it is buying small Boston-based mobile-payment startup Fig Card. It seems the upstart and the incumbent are on a collision course.

Can Jack Dorsey Help Twitter Find Its Way?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is taking on an expanded role at the company, in what seems to be an attempt to show that Twitter is putting more emphasis back on the product after some recent mis-steps. Can Dorsey help put things back on the right track?

The Smart Value of Dumb Money for Startups

There was a push and pull throughout the TechCrunch Disrupt conference this week about the role investors play in Internet startups. Sometimes, it’s worth it to find an investor who’s willing to invest at a big valuation and leave a company alone.

Amidst Rising Competition, Square Launches

Square, a mobile payments startup co-founded by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, launched today. It allows anyone to accept payments via mobile phones such as the iPhone and Android-based devices. But the company needs more than hardware to keep ahead of competitors such as VeriFone.

Are You Ready for iEconomy?

Jack Dorsey’s Square, Incase, Verifone and now Mophie — these companies have developed credit card readers and are turning the iPhone/iPod touch platform into a new kind of economic engine. All they have to do is get Apple to play ball and get consumers savvy about it all.

VeriFone Punches Square, Launches iPhone-based Card Reader

VeriFone today announced PAYware Mobile, a service that includes VeriFone’s mobile payment system, as well as a card reader disguised as an iPhone sleeve that can be used by merchants to swipe cards and accept payments. The product is likely to ship in January 2010.