Apple’s Pages for iOS still needs some work

As more professionals are eschewing laptops for iPads, Apple needs to seriously step up its game with its iOS iWork offerings. Lack of parity between iOS and OS X iWork apps is beginning to become tough to handle.

iWork ’09 No Competition for Mac Office 2011

The new Mac Office 2011 that’s currently in development easily bests iWork ’09, and with every feature update demonstrates just how far behind iWork has fallen. The latest video preview only increases the value gap between the two office suites.

Apple in the Cloud: What I’d Love to See

For a company that’s in the mobile business as heavily as Apple is, its Cloud strategy is embarrassing. Some parts of MobileMe work, like contact, bookmark, and calendar, but others, like iDisk, fall on their face so often I can’t count on them for production work.

iWork for iPhone and iLife for iPad?

With the rumored but still unexpected announcement of iMovie for iPhone 4, it begs the question of what else could be in store for Apple’s iDevices. Could we see iMovie or other iLife apps arrive for the iPad or see iWork show up for iPhone 4?

TechUniversity: Conditional Formatting with Numbers

Conditional formatting in Numbers lets you format the contents of a cell based on certain rules. So say you want to show all negative numbers as red and bold…conditional formatting lets us do that! We’ll cover how to apply conditional formatting to numbers, text and dates.

7 Essential iPad Productivity Apps

When I got my iPad, I gave myself a mandate: don’t lug a 5-pound MacBook around instead, try to make do with the iPad. For the most part, I’ve been successful.

Why the iPad Won't Get Traction With Business Users

In the wake of Apple’s iPad announcement yesterday, some are speculating that it will find early success as a tool for mobile workers. There are several reasons, though, why that is unlikely to be the case, and why Apple won’t focus on this early on.

Apple Numbers Gallery

Yesterday Apple announced and released its much anticipated spreadsheet application called Numbers. Numbers is described as “spreadsheets the Mac way,” with the…