Italy fines Apple again over AppleCare

Obviously a quarter of a million or so is nothing to Apple, which has about $120 billion in the bank. But this episode does signify the end of this strange saga wherein Apple — for a while — refused to budge on selling AppleCare in the country.

HuffPo goes to Italy, asks more of UK edition

AOL’s Huffington Post launches another national edition in tandem with a leading newspaper publisher. But, when it’s not relying on existing local brands, how is HuffPo doing under its own steam against dominant newspaper publishers?

Italy not letting Apple off the hook for illegal warranty policy

Another international legal snag for Apple: Italy is moving to add additional fines and even force the company to temporarily shut down its operations in the country until it complies with local laws that require two years of free warranty coverage. Apple has ignored previous warnings.

Google starts selling e-books in Italy

Google (s GOOG) has started selling e-books in Italy through Google Play. It’s the company’s first foray into foreign-language e-books, and Google will be competing against Amazon’s Italian Kindle Store.

Italy revolts over sneak return of ‘blog killer’ law

Italian bloggers are up in arms after ministers secretly resurrected their attempts to introduce a new law that could see them fined thousands of Euros for not responding quickly enough to request for corrections — an approach dubbed the “blog killer” by critics.

3 Italia gives a boost to Europe’s LTE ambitions

Western Europe may be behind when it comes to rolling out LTE, but Italian operators are doing their best to catch up. 3 Italia unveiled an aggressive LTE plan on Monday in which it would construct and commercially launch its 4G network this year.

Italian court denies preliminary iPhone 4S ban

Apple’s iPhone 4S won’t be blocked for sale in Italy, at least not in the near-term. A Milan court rejected Samsung’s request for a preliminary injunction against the device on Thursday. It’s the third time Samsung’s attempts to hobble Apple in Europe have been blocked.

iPhone strong in Britain, but underwhelming in rest of Europe

Apple’s iPhone 4S has propelled Cupertino’s smartphone share back to growth in many markets, including Britain, according to new data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech released Thursday. But Apple’s latest smartphone isn’t leading to runaway success everywhere, owing in part to economic concerns.

Infographic: Smartphones And Apps In Europe

In the top five markets in Europe today, 46 million people actively use smartphones to access apps. Analytics company Flurry, which compiled…

On Google, Italy and the Future of Media

An Italian court found three Google executives guilty of privacy violations for a video uploaded to the company’s site, focusing attention on a key question: Is Google a service provider or a media company? And if it’s the latter, what responsibility does it have for content?

Google Execs Found Guilty of Violating Italian Privacy Laws

In a ruling that could have broad implications for video hosting sites that operate in Italy, three Google executives were found guilty of violating privacy laws yesterday for a video that was uploaded to Google Video by one of its users. Will this be overturned?

Google News' Italian Problem

Newspapers complaining about Google (NSDQ: GOOG) News? Not new. But in Italy, they’ve managed to spur the government into investigating whet…

Tiscali Sells International ISP Biz For

Finally some action for Italian ISP Tiscali, which, after a prolonged process, has sold its international ISP business for