Why CMOs and CIOs are sharing the IT load

According to Clorox CIO Ralph Loura, companies can no longer function by walling off their marketing from IT departments. IT is in everything, requiring much closer collaboration between the CIO and CMO.

Cloud computing is entering its teen years

Cloud computing is growing up, and it’s time for IT management to loosen its grip. It won’t be an easy transition, and each environment requires its own solution. Andi Mann of CA Technologies offers some suggestions on how to deal with the change.

Top 5 places to build a new data center

When data centers can be built anywhere and accessed from anywhere, how much does location matter? CentriLogic’s Jim Latimer identifies four key characteristics needed for a cost-effective data center location and suggests five places to build.

In a data-driven world, marketing and IT must come together

Like oil and vinegar, marketing and IT just don’t mix well. But as social media flourishes and marketers try to use it to their advantage, its time to bridge the gap. Big data, cheap processing and social media are changing the advertising and marketing landscape.

Top 10 Countries Using IT to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Deploying information technology is supposed to be able to reduce 15 percent of global carbon emissions by 2020 through things like creating smarter grids, buildings and transportation. But some governments are doing better than others at supporting the use of IT to build low-carbon infrastructure.

GreenRoad Raises $13M (and Check Out Our Video)

GreenRoad’s greener, safer driving technology has gotten another round of investment. The startup, which is backed by Al Gore and Richard Branson’s funds, as well as Benchmark Capital and others, has raised another $13 million and brought on new CEO Jim Heeger.