How social media is rewriting the rules of modern warfare

In the past, information flow during a military campaign was mostly controlled by the armies involved, but now that everyone has the ability to publish and distribute data including photos and videos, it changes the nature of attacks like the latest Israeli campaign against Hamas.

Pops steps up its pitch to put your phone alerts on steroids

Israeli startup Pops is sending more than a million messages each day through its custom alert system for Android. Now, with a new version out and some important deals in the pipeline, the service promises to do for smartphone notifications what Crazy Frog did for ringtones.

Exclusive: Ericsson is buying BelAir, betting on Wi-Fi

Telecom networking giant Ericsson is buying BelAir Networks, adding its high-performance outdoor hotspot technology to its portfolio, sources told GigaOM. The deal signals a shift in mindset for the big cellular vendors, which until now have never gotten serious about Wi-Fi.

Taboola goes international, launches sponsored video placement

Video recommendations provider Taboola is offering a new product to its customers that will allow them to boost viewership with paid placement in its video widgets. The company has also found success internationally, as it is being used for recommendations in Brazil, Israel, Mexico and Poland.

Fizzback scores $80M payday, but did it sell too soon?

British startup Fizzback, which has won much praise for its popular customer service software, has been bought by a larger Israeli rival for $80 million. But investors seem to think the business had more in the tank. So was the founder right to sell?

Can Personyze unlock big data for small businesses?

Israeli startup Personyze is linking with one of the web’s most controversial data collection companies, Rapleaf, to provide new tools for website owners. Can its attempt to help ordinary website owners turn information into actions really solve the big data puzzle?

4 Israeli Mobile Startups to Watch

Israel is quickly becoming a hotspot for mobile innovation. Today, 15 of Israel’s new mobile startups strutted their stuff in front of an audience of American investors and tech industry leaders at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View. Here are four to watch.

ETV Motors Shifts Gears, Drops Microturbine Dream

Executives from startup ETV Motors tell us, in an exclusive interview, how they’re shifting gears and divesting from the turbine business to focus on high-voltage, energy-dense battery cells for aviation, electric bikes and eventually plug-in cars.

Israel Banning iPad Over Wi-Fi Concerns

While the iPad has been flying off shelves for almost two weeks now, its Wi-Fi has caused some headlines of its own. Now the news comes of Israel blocking the entry of iPads into the country over concerns of the wireless transmitters being too strong.

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