Why the net neutrality debate also matters for VoIP

It’s been a disheartening year for net neutrality and the open internet. While much of the furor has focused on the implications for video-streaming services, Zingaya’s CEO Alexey Aylarov thinks the future may be even more perilous for VoIP.

Yes, software and the cloud could kill the set-top box

The efforts to sell Cisco’s Linksys business and Google’s attempts to sell Motorola’s set top business both indicate changes in the market for consumer boxes is changing. Soon we’ll see fewer of them. And maybe we’ll even lose the ISP-provided modems and routers.

In Nashville, once over limit, Comcast will charge $10 per 50 GB

Comcast (s CMCSA) will start charging $10 per 50 GB from its broadband customers in Nashville, Tennessee, once those customers zoom past the 300 GB monthly bandwidth quota. Comcast is the latest ISP to start charging for overages. Others include Time Warner Cable, AT&T and Suddenlink

UK says three strikes is coming, but not until 2014

Under new proposals from the British media regulator Ofcom, internet providers will start sending warning letters to those accused of illegal filesharing in 18 months — and will be forced to handed people’s data over to copyright holders after three successive hits.

Think 4G is 10 times faster? Think again

For most people, 4G feels a little faster, but not anything close to the 10 times we were promised. What’s going on here? Ed Robinson of Riverbed Technology thinks we’ve made websites so obese that the networks can’t keep up.

The elephant in the gigabit network room

Getting to gigabit networks isn’t a cheap proposition, and once they are deployed, they generally cost more than the average person can afford. This creates a chicken-and-egg problem around building applications that could help network adoption. Why build if there’s no audience?

Cool idea: Communal broadband

A Boston company called NetBlazr wants to offer businesses free access to a communal broadband network if a user pays for about $300 in equipment and then turns over the management of that gear to NetBlazr so it can continue building the network.

The five levels of ISP evil

Recent allegations of ISPs hijacking search traffic are just the tip of the iceberg. Dane Jasper, CEO of ISP offers his “quick guide to the five levels of ISP evil” and explains just how low some ISPs will go.

Netflix: ISPs Kill Web Freedom, Suck All Profits

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix won’t take the ISPs attacks against his business any longer. He released a report showing that heavy bandwidth users incur a cost of 1 penny or less per gigabyte over a last-mile network — far less than ISPs are charging.

France To Internet: G8 Will Talk To You, For a Price

Later this month France is hosting a summit of political leaders and Internet thinkers. But now it seems that senior industry leaders are being asked to pay up for their chance to dictate the conversation and swap numbers with powerful governments.

Forget P2P. Now ISPs Really Hate Netflix

Netflix has become the new scapegoat for Internet Service Providers eager to cap, tier or otherwise make broadband more expensive for their customers in the guise of chastising bandwidth hogs. Data out from startup Mu Dynamics drives the streaming site’s pariah status home.

Will Content Streaming Make ISPs Rich?

Two announcements on Monday night illustrated the yin and yang of the streaming market. Amazon announced a cloud storage drive and cloud music service, and Netflix said it would have to degrade the quality of video streams in response to bandwidth caps.

IBM’s Cloud Effort Shifts from Workloads to Industries

IBM today released its latest cloud offering –- a mix of consulting services, gear and a management platform aimed at communications service providers — with France Telecom and Shanghai Telecom named in the release as pilot customers. It’s part of a shift in strategy for Big Blue.

Who is the World's Biggest Broadband Company? Find Out

We are inching toward half a billion broadband subscribers worldwide, thanks to booming demand for fast connections. Find out the top 10 service providers in the world. Which is the largest? The fastest? What are the top five US broadband service providers?

ISPs Find a Legislator to Stymie FCC Broadband Regs

A Florida congressman has introduced a bill aimed to preventing the FCC from reclassifying broadband and imposing net neutrality unless it can find examples of systemic market failure. The bill, called the Internet Protection, Investment, and Innovation Act, reads like an ISP lobbyist wrote it.

Got a Need for Internet Speed? Move to Vancouver

If you find you just can’t get a fast enough Internet connection, you might want to look for an apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia — a local ISP there named Novus says it will soon launch the continent’s fastest Internet service, offering 200 megabits per second.

Comcast to Create P2P Bill of Rights

[qi:_newteevee] Comcast said today it plans to create a “P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” in cooperation with P2P companies and other…