IPod Touch

Hope you like iOS 8.1.1, because there’s no going back

Too much control in Cupertino?

Although iOS 8.1 is just six weeks old, once you upgrade, you’re going to be using iOS 8.1.1 as Apple has closed signing of the older software version. Why might that be? iOS adoption rates and Apple Pay may have something to do with it.

Apple’s new iPod touch takes a step back: No light sensor

Stepping outside while using my new iPod touch had me thinking the device was broken: I couldn’t read the screen. Surely the auto-brightness was on, right? Turns out there is no auto-brightness function in the new iPod touch because there’s no ambient light sensor.

Apple’s new iPod touch starts shipping

Apple has been fairly quiet on the iPod touch release date, providing only a vague October time frame. As of Tuesday, the device is shipping from China, with delivery expected by mid-month. Perhaps using the same screen as the new iPhone has been the holdup?

Amazon’s Cloud Player plays on iPhone, iPod touch

Once a Google Android exclusive, Amazon released an iOS version of its Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The free software provides streaming and download access to audio files on Amazon servers either purchased from Amazon’s music store or later uploaded by customers.

Return to sender: Google pulls new iOS Gmail app

Google released a native Gmail client for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices, but quickly pulled the software from the iTunes App Store due to some app errors. As a long-time Android user, I like what I see in the client, but it needs work.

5 great iOS catapult games, without the birds

I lean toward simple, puzzle-based challenges that grow in complexity with each level when it comes to iPhone gaming. Angry Birds not only fits that category; it defines it. But if you’re looking for a catapult-style game without the birds, we’ve got you covered.

Guardly Turns iPhone into Personal Security Guard

A new app launching today provides a single-tap multi-target alert system for your iPhone or iPod touch. Guardly automatically alerts users of your choosing if you feel you’re in danger or want to quickly and easily alert authorities to your location and current situation.

PopCap Tries a New ‘Game’: In-House Indie Brand

PopCap Games, the company that brought us mainstream successes like Bejeweled, wants to explore another side of gaming. To that end, on Tuesday, it announced the launch of 4th & Battery, a gaming sub-label with an indie feel and its first title set for release on iOS this month.

Why Samsung’s Galaxy Player Rivals Apple’s iPod Touch

Samsung’s new Galaxy Player appears ready to take on Apple’s iPod touch, but can it compete? It looks like an attractive option for the Google Android crowd who wants a web-connected media player and e-book reader in a pocket, but without the monthly cellular bill.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple today released iOS 4.3, a couple days before its expected release date of Mar. 11. The update includes many new features. like Personal Hotspot for iPhone, Home Sharing, iPad hardware switch function customization, improved AirPlay and better Safari performance.

Samsung Player: First True Android iPod Touch Competitor?

Samsung’s first real stab at competing with Apple’s iPhone arrived in the Galaxy S handset, which is on track to sell 10 million units. So why not leverage what works to compete against the iPod touch? Samsung’s Galaxy Player looks to be just that device.

Will Apple Take a Cue From Sprint’s Peel Launch?

Sprint is planning to launch the ZTE Peel case for the iPod touch this Sunday according to a leaked document, providing 3G access to the Wi-Fi only device. It’ll also be able to share a connection with two devices. It’s a device Apple should render redundant.

Apple Announces New iPod touch

The “main entree” on the menu for today’s Apple event, the fourth generation iPod touch, was largely what rumors have led us to expect, and expectations were high. The latest iPod touch incorporates Apple’s Retina Display, the Apple A4 CPU, and three-axis Gyroscope.

Apple iPod touch Makes Play for Gaming Market

Apple’s iPod touch is now the top-selling game handheld, beating Sony and Nintendo combined, said Steve Jobs today. iOS, the A4 chip and Game Center will only increase that lead as once again as Apple continues to out-game rivals that once held a market lead.

Live Blog: Apple’s Digital Media Event

We’re here at the Yerba Buena Center for the Apple press event, and for all of you without Apple hardware who can’t see the live stream, we’re going to live blog the thrills, chills and anticipated product releases. So check back for the news.

Open Thread: Netflix on the iPhone

Om loves Netflix on the iPhone, but others aren’t so sure about it, noting that there are too many bugs and quirks to make this a good experience. So what do you think: How do you like the app, and what do you use it for?

Netflix App Released for iPhone/iPod touch

Today, while most of the U.S. was sleeping, Apple approved the Netflix update which brings universal support for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. On the iPad, it doesn’t do much beyond adding a new icon, but I couldn’t access Netflix until I updated.

Why iPod Touch Specs Will Never Compete With iPhone

As an Android phone user, I keep thinking how great it would be if the next iPod touch is every bit an iPhone minus the cellular voice support That’s not going to happen when Apple next updates the iPod touch, however, for one simple reason: money.

iPhone OS 4: Device Compatibility

iPhone OS 4 has over 100 new features. However, some of those features (or all of them) won’t be available on older versions of the iPhone/iPod touch. Wonder how you’ll fare? Read on.

10 Things Not to Expect in iPhone OS 4

With the Apple Event less than a day away, there’s no shortage of speculation and wish lists for iPhone OS 4, but what about less optimistic lists? For the jaded fan, there’s no reason to wait to start bitterly complaining about what should have been in iPhone OS today.

I Want My, I Want My iPhone OS 4

Apple is holding a media event at 10am Pacific time on Thursday, April 6 to discuss the latest release of its mobile OS. We’ll know soon enough what it will include, but that won’t stop me from making my own wishlist for what we’ll see on Thursday.

iPhone OS 4 Event Announced

Less than a week after the iPad launch, Apple has sent out media invitations for a “sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software.” The event will take place this Thursday, April 8, at 10:00 PST at the Town Hall on Apple’s Cupertino campus.

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For Apple, a Holly Jolly Christmas

Apple had a very nice Christmas, thanks to the iPod touch. New data shows there was a big spike in Apple’s App Store downloads during the month of December. It isn’t the first time: A similar spike last year was followed by blockbuster sales.

All Hail the iPod touch

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The Meteoric Rise of the App Store

Apple likes to improve upon existing ideas, and once it does, it turns those industries upside-down. The App Store is just the latest of example of that to come out of its Cupertino labs, and it’s been a smashing success. As the company announces that 1.5 billion applications have been downloaded from its App Store, its rivals are scrambling to bring their own wireless app stores to market.

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Why Apple Needs Movie Rentals

Apple’s pending foray into movie rentals is a way to boost video offerings on its iTunes store. Forget Apple TV, this is a strategic move to keep the very profitable iPhone and iPod Touch devices in high demand.

iPod touch Guided Tour

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