Why I stopped wearing my iPod nano as a watch

I was an enthusiastic early adopter of the iPod nano with wristwatch case that arrived in 2010. But as a practical solution, it didn’t work. Here’s what I’m hoping a true Apple watch solution would be like and what it would avoid.

The end of (iPod) nano watches

The launch of the seventh generation iPod Nano means curtains for the square-shaped nano that sparked a Nano-watch revolution, thanks to the work of designers like Scott Wilson who created the straps to accommodate the Nanos. On the upside, maybe rarity will make them collectibles.

When 3D printing meets iPod nano

We love to dress up our wrists with cool watches, smart watches and of course, the best of them all, iPod nano watches. And that is why we are constantly writing about iPod nano straps. Here is another one from Ireland-based Curve Creative — Nanolet.

Recalled iPod nanos getting current generation replacements

Apple issued a recall for its first-generation iPod nano devices back in November. At first, it looked like Apple intended to replace all the recalled units with refurbished equivalent models, but new reports suggest at least some users will be getting current, sixth-generation devices instead.

New iPod nano no threat to smartwatches … yet.

Although the new iPod nano took a back seat to the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, it did gain a software update and could morph into a smartwatch of the future. Should competing products such as the MetaWatch and Live View be worried? Not just yet.

Apple puts an end to iPod click wheel games

It’s all fun and games until Apple shutters a section of the iTunes store. Apple has now taken down a link to the “iPod Click Wheel Games” section of the iTunes App Store. That could indicate the Mac maker is serious about discontinuing certain iPods.

iPod nano, this is your life

The first iPod nano was released on Sept. 7, 2005, and in the six intervening years, it’s undergone a lot of changes. In fact, the nano has one of the most mercurial design histories of any Apple product. Here’s a quick look at the nano’s evolution.

Is This The Next Red Hot iPhone AddOn?

Kickstarter, the crowd funding platform, is changing how we create and consume things became famous thanks to Lunatik and TikTok (that made kits to turn the iPod Nano into a wrist watch). Here is a new project has a potential of being equally big.

It’s Time for Wristwatches to Get Smarter

The inPulse watch, Sony Ericsson’s LiveView and even Apple’s current iPod Nano all show a resurgence of intelligent wristwatches that pair with smartphones. There are certainly user interface challenges to overcome, but third-party apps show promise. Perhaps Microsoft’s SPOT watches were ahead of their time?

iPod Nano Watchband Shootout: TikTok vs iWatchz Q

We could debate the merits of wearing an iPod nano as a watch until the cows come home, but chances are the downsides won’t dissuade the dedicated Apple enthusiast anyway, so what say we just get right to the business of finding the perfect watchband accessory?

iPod Nano Watchband Breaks Kickstarter Funding Records

An iPod nano watchband case design has broken records at community-funding site Kickstarter, earning more than $275,000 in one week. The design (or designs rather, since there are two slightly different models available), by Scott Wilson, transforms Apple’s latest nano into a stylish wristwatch.

iPod nano: New Form and Less Function?

Now that Apple’s sixth-generation iPod nanos are actually in people’s hands, I thought I’d take a closer look at the key value differences between the new and the old. It’s definitely got style, but is the new iPod nano really worth it?

Chinese Case Makers Jump the Gun

It just wouldn’t be a normal news week without the rumor-mill churning out more “proof” of unannounced products. For a change, this…