The BBC’s iPlayer for TVs goes HTML5

Users of Sony’s PS3 can now access a special TV version of the BBC’s iPlayer, complete with a navigation optimized for remote controls, personalization and video overlays. The new iPlayer is based on HTML5, showing how important the emerging standard is to the connected-TV world.

BBC’s iPlayer goes Global, embraces the iPad

After endless development and lobbying from fans around the world, the BBC has finally opened up an international version of the iPlayer — its smash hit video-on-demand service — for European subscribers. But will it make the grade as other video subscription services expand?

Flash & Mobile Are Big Winners of the Royal Wedding

Adobe’s RTMP live streaming protocol was one of the biggest winners of the Royal Wedding, according to a new report from traffic management specialist Sandvine. That means that most live streams were likely watched in Flash. Twitter, Facebook and the BBC’s iPlayer also saw huge demand.

How to Get Video Recommendations Right

The BBC wants to bring personal video recommendations to its iPlayer catch-up service, and it’s been testing a number of methods and algorithms as part of a multiyear research project. The broadcaster just finished a final field test, and its lessons learned are worth a look.

Record iPlayer Stats Show: Devices Don’t Matter – Yet

The BBC’s iPlayer is on a roll, accumulating almost 1.4 billion media requests in the first 11 months of 2010. However, most of the video viewing happens on PC screens. Mobile phones, iPads and connected devices barely contribute a blip to the iPlayer’s overall usage stats.

Rejoice: BBC to Put iPlayer on U.S. iPads

Today, the BBC announced plans to create a global version of its iPlayer application for iPads, which may be available first in the U.S. on a subscription basis. For British television fans outside the UK tracking their favorite shows, this is very good news indeed.

iPlayer for Mac Coming This Month

During the Olympics, the iPlayer accounted for nearly 20 percent of the total broadband traffic in the UK, and at present has garnered about 10 percent of the total UK broadband audience. That number is likely to rise with the release of the iPlayer for the Mac, which is due out this month.

BBC iPlayer Comes To Nokia Through N96

The BBC’s online video catchup service iPlayer, till now bandwidth-heavy enough to only be available on iPhone and iPod Touch through their…

Q&A: Kontiki’s Eric Armstrong

Kontiki, an early commercial peer-to-peer platform provider, formally acknowledged today that VeriSign has sold the company back to its investors at MK…