iPhoto for iPad: Brings back online galleries, ditches Google Maps

Along with the new iPad, Apple also announced updates to several iOS apps from the iWork and iLife suites. iPhoto for iOS features sophisticated photo-editing features for iPads and iPhones with front-facing cameras, and there were some unexpected changes to Apple’s iCloud integration and mapping.

Keepsy Brings Instagram to Your Bookshelf

Keepsy, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based startup, has launched its first product, “Instant Album,” a way to order physical scrapbooks made from Instagram photo albums. Keepsy’s just the latest in a spate of new startups focused on preserving what people publish online in a more tangible format.

Screencast: New iPhoto and iMovie ’11 Features

iLife ’11 was announced on Wednesday at Apple’s press event. As it was immediately available (and not too expensive), I picked myself up a copy and got straight to checking out the new features. Here’s a peek at some of the suite’s most impressive new abilities.

Quick Look: Photoshop Elements 9

The latest edition of Adobe’s amateur image editing software takes a little from Photoshop and a little from iPhoto, but it may not be enough to justify the price. It largely depends on how much you like your Apple-exclusive features.

First Look: iPhoto ’09

I’ve spent several hours tinkering with Apple’s (s aapl) new iPhoto ’09 — part of the newly updated iLife ’09 suite of…

Macworld Day 3: Best of Macworld 2009

Wednesday at Macworld Expo marked a distinct change from the hectic activity around the keynote and the open of the show floor.…

5 Things You Never Knew About Spotlight

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