Iphone 6

Apple fans and resellers line up for the iPhone 6

The line outside Apple’s Grand Central location stretched around two sides of the block. Most of those lining up appeared to plan to resell their new iPhones for a profit, but there were also a good deal of Apple fans looking for a personal phone as well.

Why won’t China get the iPhone 6 on launch day?

There is no announced launch date for the iPhone 6 in China, but it’s certain to be later than September 19, when the device goes on sale in the United States and Western Europe. Some are pointing to regulatory issues as the reason for the delay, but there are other possibilities.

What iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 could have

Apple’s next iPhone will be thinner and lighter, with an 8 megapixel camera, according to a report on Thursday. The new article bears the hallmarks of an intentional leak, and it is the surest sign yet that we’ll see new iPhone hardware in September.