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How to configure and use widgets in iOS 8

Once you get the new iOS 8 software on your iPhone, consider adding widgets for quick-glance info with just a swipe down from any screen. Here’s how to add them for a more personalized iPhone experience.

A photographer’s view of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5’s new camera lens isn’t a gigantic improvement. But where Apple does make more significant advances is the software. My tests shots show the iPhone 5 has faster photo capture, better low-light performance, and improved noise reduction.

Improved iPhone 5 less expensive to make than iPhone 4S

Is it possible to build a better smartphone for consumers that costs less to produce? Apparently so, if you’re Apple. A preliminary teardown of the iPhone 5 shows that the most expensive iPhone this year is cheaper for Apple to make than the iPhone 4S.

How an advanced photographer uses the iPhone and iPad

If you had told me even a year ago that more than 60 percent of the photos I take would never touch my Mac, I’d have laughed. But it’s true. Here’s a walk through my heavily iOS (and Mac) powered digital photography workflow.

First-look video: Wahoo Blue HR heart-rate monitor

This year is shaping up to be a good one for health-related gadgets, thanks to the new Bluetooth 4.0 specification and profiles. The $79 Wahoo Blue HR is among the first of these devices, and I recently took it for a 5-mile test run.


Trends, challenges and chances in the rising mobile deals space

Several technologies in the mobile industry are now colliding in a way that could change how we make many of our purchases on a daily basis. For the purposes of this report, we call this trend “mobile deals,” and it combines location-aware discounts with mobile marketing campaigns and often incorporates purchases made on the phone at brick-and-mortar retailers.

Apple gets China Telecom, but China Mobile still out of its grasp

The iPhone 4S will arrive March 9 on China Telecom, China’s third-largest carrier. It’s an important step for Apple, which has highly prioritized its China business, but the number of reachable customers pales in comparison to the 650 million customers China Mobile serves.

Sprint: iPhone brought 40 percent of new signups in Q4

Sprint sold 1.8 million iPhones in the last three months of 2011, or just a quarter of the number of iPhones that AT&T did. But it’s actually good news for the nation’s third-largest carrier, which announced its quarterly earnings Wednesday.

Android still 1st choice among virgin smartphone buyers

The iPhone may have passed over Android in total U.S. smartphone sales, but Google’s platform still has one key advantage: it’s attracting more mobile data newbies. According to the NPD Group, 57 percent of first-time smartphone buyers last quarter chose Android handsets.


CES 2012: a recap and analysis

This year’s CES was the biggest in the show’s 44-year history, boasting 15 miles of exhibit hall aisles, 3,100 booths and 153,000 attendees. The Kerton Group sent three delegates to CES to scout out new products, listen to keynotes, watch announcements and get tips from insiders. This report, which bundles those findings together, serves as an outline of the major launches and overarching trends at CES (think smartphones for $0, Androidification and connectivity) as well as an analysis of what those developments mean for the larger consumer electronics picture. Companies mentioned in this report include Apple, Tesla and T-Mobile. For a full list of companies, and to read the full report, sign up for a free trial.

Apple poised to double potential iPhone market in China

Apple is one step closer to nearly doubling its potential iPhone subscriber base in China, thanks to a new regulatory approval it secured in that country. Apple now has permission to offer a handset that operates on the network used by third-largest Chinese carrier China Telecom.

Huawei’s thin, high-end Android 4.0 phone: Ascend P1 S

Prior to Huawei’s CES scheduled press event on Monday, the company took a shot at high-end handset makers with the Ascend P1 S. Just 6.68 millimeters thin, the phone runs Android 4.0 on a Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP chip and 4.3-inch high-resolution Super AMOLED display.

Tips and tricks: Wording and Siri commands

Welcome to another installment of Tips and Tricks, the series that aims to teach you something new about your Apple stuff. This time, we’ll be taking a look at Siri and how changing one or two words in your query can produce completely different results.


The Internet of things: creating tomorrow’s health care

The growth of the Internet of things is likely to open new disruptive business opportunities for services that add value to the data collected. It will involve supply chain management, disease management for chronic diseases, public health services in areas such as air quality or the traceability of products in the food chain for food safety.

The new litmus test for apps: How well does it AirPlay?

Few things impress people about the Apple TV in demonstration more than AirPlay mirroring, which is available on both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. And that’s exactly why developers should focus on delivering unique and creative AirPlay solutions to help their apps stand out.

Apple will continue looking into iOS 5 battery bugs

After many users reported still seeing problems with battery life under iOS 5.0.1, a release intended to fix said issues, Apple has issued a short statement addressing remaining concerns. The statement, made to AllThingsD, says that Apple will “continue to investigate” remaining problems.

Long lines for iPhone 4S launch in Hong Kong and Korea

Apple has been facing reports that it decreased orders to suppliers because of lackluster iPhone 4S demand, though some analysts disagree. The reaction to the launch of the 4S in 15 new markets on Friday, including Hong Kong, seems to contradict tales of flagging interest.

Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 update to fix battery issues

Three weeks after iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S debuted, Apple has released a software update intended to reign in oft-reported problems related to battery life and some other software issues. On Thursday Apple started to make iOS 5.0.1 available to users.

Value plans, smartphones lift T-Mobile customer count

T-Mobile USA reported a net gain of 126,000 subscribers in the most recent quarter, marginally increasing its total subscriber base to 33.7 million customers, while data revenue per customer grew as well. Without an iPhone, the carrier is focused on value plans and fast mobile broadband.

HTC Titan hits Nov. 20 as AT&T’s largest smartphone

The HTC Titan arrives on Nov. 20 as AT&T’s largest phone yet, thanks to a 4.7-inch display. Priced at $199 with two-year contract, the Titan runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 platform and offers the same mobile broadband capabilities as Apple’s iPhone 4S on AT&T’s network.

AT&T still dominates among iPhone carriers with the 4S

The iPhone 4S launched on three U.S. carriers simultaneously for the first time ever, but AT&T still takes home the gold in terms of the choices made by 4S customers when it comes to mobile networks, according to a new study by app analytics firm Localytics to be released Thursday.

IPhone 4S vs. Lumia 800: camera wars, round 1!

Nokia phones are known for taking excellent photos. Then again, the new iPhone 4S has an improved camera too. Which is better? It’s too early to tell, but here are a few images taken with the default settings on an iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 800.

Apple expands iOS 5.0.1 beta testing to some end users

Apple had previously released iOS 5.0.1 to developers for beta testing, but as of Tuesday, a report claims it is now extending that testing pool to include some ordinary end users, too. 9t05Mac received an invitation to download the pre-release software through Apple’s software seed program.

U.S. Cellular: iPhone buy-in price too steep

Apple’s smartphone could’ve been available on five carriers this fall instead of just four, according to U.S. Cellular’s CEO Mary Dillon. Dillon revealed during the carrier’s earnings call that her company turned down the iPhone because Apple’s “terms were unacceptable from a risk and profitability standpoint.”

Does the Siri outage reveal its success?

Siri went down on Thursday for its first extended outage — around five hours, according to most counts. Five hours is hardly three days (like another noteworthy recent mobile service blackout), but the reaction of media and users show Apple’s personal assistant is making its presence felt.

Quick tip: Update Twitter and Facebook using Siri

Normally, if you ask Siri to tweet for you, it’ll say it can’t help with Twitter. If you ask about Facebook, you’ll get even less of a response. However, using both these social networks’ SMS features, you can get Siri to update Twitter and Facebook indirectly.

The secret payload of the iPhone 4S: Bluetooth 4.0

People paid a lot of attention to two new features that arrived in the iPhone 4S: The much-improved camera and Siri, the new voice-powered digital assistant. But the 4S also snuck in another feature upgrade, one that’s a ticking time bomb of potential goodness: Bluetooth 4.0.

U.K. survey finds consumers underwhelmed by iPhone 4S

U.K. site MyVoucherCodes polled over 1,500 smartphone shoppers, and found that a third of those surveyed were “disappointed” with the 4S. Of those questioned, only 29 percent said they’d be interested in buying one. Might initial fervor mask a mostly underwhelmed buying public?

Could Siri be the invisible interface of the future?

Amid the updated hardware specifications of Apple’s iPhone 4S, a beta application is poised to be the breakout star. Siri is helpful now, but imagine what it, or a similar solution, could do for interfacing with many connected devices in the coming “Internet of things” age.

T-Mobile wants the iPhone, but only if it’s AWS-compatible

In an official statement released Thursday, T-Mobile SVP of Marketing Andrew Sherrard addressed T-Mobile’s absence from the lineup of U.S. carriers offering the iPhone — a list that now includes regional carrier C Spire. Essentially, T-Mobile wants it but only if it works with the carrier’s tech.

Quick tip: Disable Siri from the lock screen

Media reports are making a big deal about Siri being accessible from a locked device. It’s true that by default Siri works on a code-locked iPhone, but don’t fret, there’s a simple — albeit somewhat oddly placed — setting to make sure Siri doesn’t give up your info.


Social media reactions to the iPhone 4S

Since Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4S on Oct. 4, 2011, SocialNuggets, a company that provides social media analytics for consumer electronics, has been analyzing the social media conversation around the device. The aim is to determine which announced features of the iPhone 4S received the most mentions and what that means for the device’s overall success. Siri and the new camera were at the center of discussion, while a lack of 4G support suggests that not all users are willing to hop the upgrade bandwagon. Companies mentioned in this report include Apple, Sprint and Verizon. For a full list of companies, and to read the full report, sign up for a free trial.

How Siri finally convinced me to talk to my phone

I’ve had voice-powered features on my phone for nearly a decade now, but I seldom if ever used them until Siri on the iPhone 4S. Now, I can’t stop. What is it about Apple’s new “personal assistant” that makes doing what seemed wrong feel so right?

iPhone 4S drives record registrations of Tango app

Tango is used to seeing a bump in registrations whenever a new smartphone is released. But last week’s launch of the iPhone 4S gave it an even bigger lift than usual, with record registration numbers that were up 35 percent higher than usual.

Apple adds another U.S. iPhone carrier (& it’s not T-Mobile)

Sprint isn’t the only new U.S. carrier allowed to sell the iPhone this year. On Wednesday, regional carrier C Spire (formerly known as Cellular South) announced pre-order instructions on its website to buy Apple’s latest smartphone, which means T-Mobile was once again passed over.

MobileTechRoundup podcast episode 248

Join Matt and Kevin for hands on thoughts of the new iPhone 4S, iOS 5 and Siri, Apple’s new personal assistant. We even ask Siri which is the best mobile phone; the answer is typical Apple. Plus first impressions of Nokia’s N9 smartphone with MeeGo.

iPhone 4S: First impressions of a 3GS upgrader

Apple’s iPhone 4S is here, having just hit retailers in seven countries this Friday. So how is it? Well, read on to discover my initial impressions, as someone who’s making the leap from the lowly iPhone 3GS, which is now two generations old.

iPhone 4S: Siri’s international limitations

Siri is a big draw for customers interested in the iPhone 4S. Apple’s promo material about Siri make it look absolutely amazing, and by most accounts, it is. But if you’re not in the U.S., you might experience a little disappointment when you fire Siri up.

iPhone 4S teardown reveals 512 MB of RAM, more

Apple repair site iFixit has already managed to secure an iPhone 4S and pulled it apart. Details of what’s inside reveal a design that’s fairly similar to its predecessor, as you might expect from the outside appearance of the 4S, but also show some noteworthy changes.

iPhone 4S reviews: What the web is saying

Early iPhone 4S reviews are easy to sum up (people like it) but it’s worth zooming in on some of the individual takes from the better appraisals popping up around the web to get a sense of what exactly is and isn’t pleasing about Apple’s latest.


Sprint’s tightrope walk: finding a balance for its network modernization plan

With its network modernization announcement on Friday, Sprint set itself up to meet one of two fates: another spectacular, Nextel-style failure or a corporate turnaround fit for the history books. The company laid out plans for its LTE network that involve going alone with the help of an unknown instead of its former 4G partner, Clearwire. It will do this with scant spectrum resources, even as it balances its precarious finances with a big bet on the iPhone 4S and unlimited data. If Sprint succeeds, the story will read like that of an underdog who makes its ultimate comeback. The question, however, is whether that’s even possible.

Here’s who will cash in on iPhone 4S bonanza

Did you hear the iPhone 4S saw pre-bookings of a million devices on day one? That’s not only good news for Apple, but also for its carrier partners: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. And they aren’t the only ones cashing in on the iPhone 4S bonanza.

Which carrier is best with iPhone 4S in your state?

Open Signal Maps has put together an interactive map showing data from thousands of carrier speed tests combined with information known about the iPhone 4S’s chipset. AT&T is the fastest in 31 states, but does that include your state? Check out the map for more details.

Apple: More than 1M iPhone 4S sold in first day

The press may have been disappointed in the iPhone 4S announced last week. But the same can’t be said for early buyers. Apple has announced that it’s officially the fastest-selling iPhone ever, with more than 1 million preorder sales in the first day it was available.

Apple’s iPhone 4S pre-orders encounter some hiccups

Pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone 4S went down very early Friday morning, but they didn’t go off without a hitch. AT&T, in particular, seemed to have trouble getting its act together, resulting in some frustrated customers who were up very late. Apple itself also encountered delays.

iPhone 4S pre-orders now officially live

Apple officially began taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4S via its online store at 12:01 a.m. PDT (3:01 a.m. EDT) on Friday morning. Users eligible for an upgrade can place their order now, and shipments will begin arriving at customer doorsteps next Friday, Oct. 14.

The iPhone: Cheap medical super microscope

Apple’s iPhone is getting an improved camera with the iPhone 4S, but a medical research team has gone a step further, turning the iPhone into a powerful, professional-caliber imaging and chemical detection device. This could be a big help to medical teams working in developing areas.

Samsung to file for multiple injunctions against iPhone 4S

Samsung revealed Wednesday that it would try to stop the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S in France and Italy with filings seeking injunctions on the new smartphone. Samsung’s complaints will center on two instances of alleged patent infringement related to WCDMA standards for 3G connectivity.

With iPhone 4S, it’s the little things that count

So there was no iPhone 5. But there will be a new iPhone 4S, which Apple announced Tuesday. It looks just like the iPhone 4, but while there were no huge changes, it’s important to remember that these incremental upgrades could add up to a lot.

Twitter can’t keep a straight face about Siri

As soon as Apple announced the new Siri feature in the iPhone 4S, Twitter went crazy with people making jokes about the new personal assistant feature. A simple search for Siri on Twitter will show up an almost endless list of tweets. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite gags below.

The iPhone 4S from an Android user’s perspective

Apple unveiled its latest handset, the iPhone 4S, at the company’s Cupertino headquarters on Tuesday, showing off new software and updated hardware features. Although I’ve been a full-time Android user for the past 22 months, there’s much to like about Apple’s new hardware and software.

Vlingo and Nuance hope Siri will make them cool

So will Apple’s Siri be like Facetime, widely praised and less widely used? Or will it be like touch screens that ushered in new ways of interacting with handsets? Folks in the speech recognition and virtual assistant market are hoping it’s the latter.

The iPhone 4S: Did Apple deliver what it needed to?

Another Apple press event is now complete. While Apple does grab our attention over and over, we seem to quickly forget the somewhat underwhelmed feeling we get the moment any press event is over. But feelings aside, did Apple deliver what it needed to this year?

The new iPhone does 1080p. But what about Apple TV?

One of the big upgrades in the new Apple iPhone 4S is its new 1080p HD camera. That’s a big boost over the current iPhone 4’s 720p camera, but the upgrade may not be apparent if users try to watch those videos on an Apple TV.

One U.K. iPhone 5 buyer already lining up

It’s Tuesday. That means it’s iPhone 5 day, but one intrepid Apple fan isn’t waiting to get the skinny on what, when and where Apple plans to release. Instead, Rob Shoesmith set up camp to be first in line for the iPhone 5, sight unseen.

What the next iPhone does and doesn’t need

Apple press events are like Christmas morning for grown-ups; you’re never quite sure what’ll be under the tree. So why not scrap the speculation and talk about what the next iPhone really needs to continue its success, regardless of what it’s supposed to have?

Still unannounced iPhone predicted to smash sales records

Apple says it’s ready to “talk iPhone” on Tuesday. Wall Street has also jumped at the opportunity to talk about how many new iPhones, which are expected to be unveiled on Tuesday and go on sale later this month, Apple will be able to sell.

What to expect at the Apple iPhone 5 event

Apple’s next iPhone will be unveiled next week at a press event on Oct. 4, and that device will be the fifth major iteration of Apple’s smartphone. It’s time for our rundown of what we probably will and won’t see at next Tuesday’s event.

Apple announces Oct. 4 iPhone event

Apple has officially announced its iPhone event, to be held on Oct. 4 as previously reported. The event will take place at Apple’s Cupertino Campus in California, beginning at 10 a.m. PDT ( 1 p.m. EDT), according to press invitations issued by Apple on Tuesday.

Why a 15M iPhone 5 order placed now makes sense

Apple has reportedly placed an order for 15 million next-generation iPhones with supplier Pegatron. While Apple obviously isn’t commenting, a big order now makes sense for a number of reasons, not the least of which is how long Apple has already waited to refresh the iPhone.

Is pre-paid and mid-market the future for the iPhone?

Analysts have begun their traditional pre-release Apple hardware predictions for the next generation of iPhone. Among the predictions are a claim that Apple will pursue the mid-range smartphone market with a $350 iPhone designed for use off-contract with pre-paid plans.

What to Expect From the Next iPhone

Rumors are beginning to approach consensus with regards to Apple’s next iPhone, with much of that info coming from sources reportedly within Apple’s supply chain. Here’s a look at what Apple appears to be planning, and when you can expect to see it.

Will a Lack of NFC Hurt the Next iPhone’s Chances?

Apple’s next iPhone won’t have near field communication (NFC) capabilities, according to Wall Street research firm Bernstein. Rumors have been going back and forth about whether would include the tech in its next-gen smartphone, which recent reports suggest we won’t see until at least fall.