Apple misses on earnings, but sells record 17M iPads

Apple reported its fiscal third quarter earnings on Tuesday of $35 billion in revenue and $8.8 billion in earnings, or $9.32 per share. That’s ahead of what Apple(s AAPL) itself had forecast, but below what Wall Street was expecting.

Usage stats show the new iPad is more business-like

In the four months since the new iPad went on sale, usage has increased across most categories that CIRP tracks: using the iPad for social networking, web browsing, and apps, but no category of usage saw a bigger bump than business.

Apple inching closer to selling new iPad in China?

Apple has cleared a regulatory hurdle in China for selling a 3G device there. But what is it? The latest iPhone and older iPads are already available, but the newest iPad is still a question mark. Is this a sign its Chinese debut is near?

Apple in China: 21M iPhones and iPads and counting

China is very much on its way to becoming the world’s most important market for mobile devices. But how many iPhones and iPads specifically are there in China right now? A research firm says 21 million. Here’s how those numbers could get even higher.

Wi-Fi-only iPad could hit mainland China stores soon

Just because the new iPad is assembled in China doesn’t mean you can buy one there — yet. But on Tuesday AllThingsD dug up the Chinese certification for the new iPad — for the WiFi-only version of the device — which means it could be headed to store shelves soon.

The iPad Lowdown 3-8-12

A full list of the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPad coverage from our parent site GigaOm.

»  Apple TV’s missed opportunity: Ryan Lawler’s…

Finally: Facebook debuts native iPad app

On Monday the social networking company debuted its long-awaited native application for the iPad, capping off months of speculation of the whens and hows of a potential launch. The app has a few features made especially for the iPad experience, particularly when browsing photos.

Facebook iPad app: release delayed or imminent?

Is Facebook’s iPad app stuck in pre-release mode or are finishing touches being applied right now? There are two reports Monday concerning the social network’s much-anticipated iPad application that paint two somewhat different pictures of the situation. The latest says Facebook’s app could arrive next week.

Verizon Offers Best Deal Yet on New First-Gen iPads

If you’re still looking to grab an iPad cheap, there’s a new option that will get you one cheaper than pretty much any other, including buying used. Verizon is offering first-generation iPads starting at $299 to clear out remaining stock, according to various reports.

AT&T Drops Price of iPad 3G By Another $100

AT&T has reduced the price of the original 3G-capable iPad by another $100, adding to the existing $100 discount that it introduced following the introduction of the iPad 2. That means you can now get an iPad 3G + Wi-Fi for as little as $429.

How to Stop the iPad Magazine Download Slide

Yesterday, Women’s Wear Daily reported that according to recent numbers, interest in iPad magazines is quickly dwindling. Wired’s iPad edition sold 100,000 in its first month. By November, that number had dropped to only 23,000. Can publishers turn that trend around?

Wi-Fi iPad with Verizon Mifi vs. iPad 3G on AT&T

With Wi-Fi iPads now available directly from Verizon bundled with a MiFi wireless hot spot, you’re no longer limited to AT&T for on-the-go iPad connectivity. So which is better, Verizon or AT&T? We look at three key determining factors to help decide the answer.

Microsoft Says Tablets Are Not A Threat

So far, there is only one Windows 7 tablet on the market, but Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) CFO Peter Klein said during the company’s earnings call…

Invest From Your iPad With Kapitall

You can do many things with your iPad, and investing is now added to that list with the release of Kapitall. The iPad app is a portal into the Kapitall website, a simple site designed to build and track investment portfolios online.

Twitter Launches iPad App With Focus On Consumption

Twitter is launching the first native app it’s built from scratch tonight, Twitter for iPad. Aimed at fostering content consumption, the app is designed for new users and power users alike. The iPad app indicates the direction all Twitter-designed apps will be heading

Twitter Launches iPad App With Focus On Consumption

Twitter is launching the first native app it’s built from scratch tonight, Twitter for iPad. Aimed at fostering content consumption, the app is designed for new users and power users alike. The iPad app indicates the direction all Twitter-designed apps will be heading

Why iPad 2 Is Coming and What to Expect

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the next iPad. The one we’re using now is only six months old, but some are already looking forward to the possibility of a new form factor. I expect Apple to release another iPad this year. Here’s why.

iPad Quick Tip: Enabling Multiple Google Calendars

I set out to enable Google Calendar syncing with the iPad Calendar and found some of the documentation on this subject to be out of date. I found that you can set up and sync multiple Google Calendars right from within the iPad Calendar App.

Time Warner Cable Developing an iPad App

Time Warner Cable is jumping on the iPad bandwagon, developing an app that will give its subscribers to access to an interactive programming guide, remote control and DVR scheduling capabilities. It could also give consumers the ability to view the content they want wherever they want.

Top 5 Fun Apps for the iPad

The iPad is good at many things, and having fun with it is one of them. We’re such a busy, task-oriented society that sometimes you need to let your hair down and have a little fun. Here are five good apps to help you do that.

Doxie Scanner Does iBooks

Portable scanners can be the perfect tool for those mobile workers looking to go paperless. The 10.9-ounce Doxie scanner is as small as these devices can be, and it can now scan documents directly into iBooks for the iPhone and iPad on the fly.

Top 5 Twitter Apps for iPad

The iPad screen is good for Twitter due to its size and the ability to rotate it to landscape orientation. I have a weakness for Twitter apps, and I’ve tried so many I lose count. Here are the current top five Twitter apps for the iPad.

My 5 Favorite iPad Apps

This lazy morning has me thinking about the gadgets I use, and the apps that make them zing. Putting the usefulness of the iPad aside, the apps I use play a big role in the utility it gives me. Here are my five favorite iPad apps.

Microsoft Says Its Tablets Are Coming

It hasn’t been the best year for Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) in the tablet market, by any measure … There’s been the cancellation of the compan…

Yahoo Paints iPad Owners by the Numbers

The iPad was expected to be a game changer, so Yahoo! started tracking visits by early adopters. Now that the iPad has been out for a while –and available outside the U.S. — the company made an analysis of those visiting Yahoo! sites using the iPad.

Devices, Not Content Are King

Paul Levinson, an author and professor of media studies at Fordham University? is among those who believe that traditional content is ceeding…

Taking the Pen to the iPad

iPad owners find lots of different uses for the device except one. It is only natural to take a pen to a slate device, but it doesn’t work very well. A concept by Ten One Design that adds pressure sensitivity to the iPad may change that.

Conferencing Sans Keyboard

Like most who try the iPad, this guy admits he mistakenly thought typing on the virtual keyboard would not be good. This is the only iPad I’ve seen in use at the conference today. Of course, I’ve only seen two other Macs at this techie conference.

Top 5 iPad Apps

The App Store is growing steadily, with over 10,000 apps now available. My top 5 apps for the iPad change regularly, but no matter which apps are on the list at any given time they add a lot of value to my usage of the iPad.

Did the New York Times Just Declare War on News Aggregators?

Like many other newspapers, the New York Times has been trying to find an online business model that works, including experimenting with iPhone and iPad apps. Now, the company appears to be sending its lawyers after news aggregators that use its RSS feeds in commercial applications.

Will the iPad get the Retina Display?

The most impressive feature on the iPhone 4 is the Retina Display, which pushes display technology quite far. The new technology is so advanced one has to wonder if Apple will bring it to the iPad? The 9.7 inch display would be quite impressive if so.

Air Display on Video: iPad as External Monitor

I admitted being an iPad app junky and a reader mentioned an app for the iPad that I tried, and it is so useful I shot a video to show it in action. Air Display turns the iPad into a wireless external monitor for any Mac.

Apple iPad: Feeding the App Addiction

I have a problem; I feel better having admitted that. I’m not the only one with this problem based on what I see on the web. My problem is an addiction to apps on the iPad. They are cheap (or free) and one-click easy to buy.

Typical Day With the iPad

My look at a typical day with the Sprint EVO 4G was well received and I started getting requests for a similar look at a day with the iPad. Not one to ignore requests, this covers a typical day with the iPad in Mobile Tech Manor.

YouPorn Goes HTML5, Gets on the iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs touted the iPad’s “freedom from porn” as one of the device’s key selling points, but that freedom didn’t last very long, as at least one major adult site — YouPorn.com — has begun encoding its videos to work on the Apple tablet.

First Look: Skadoosh iPad Stand

When I looked at stands for the iPad I was taken by the Skadoosh by Jadu. What I liked most about this stand was the ability to tilt the iPad to almost any angle. Jadu sent an early prototype for me to give a look.

When It Comes to Mobile Phones, Consumers Aren't Pro-choice

Apple’s success in mobile computing can be attributed to consumers who want fewer choices, according to a Forrester report released today. The report calls the proliferation of mobile apps “curated computing” and said it’s computing’s future. If true, it will change the industry significantly.

Top 5 Games for the iPad

When I got the iPad I decided to be good, to make an effort to stay away from games. But in a moment of weakness I picked up Scrabble and it was all over. Here are my top five games for the iPad.

The Hybrid Tablet Lives With Clamcase

The Clamcase is innovative if nothing else, and straddles the line between “super cool” and “just get a netbook.” It’s supposed to appear later this year, and the Clamcase is essentially a Bluetooth keyboard turned into a case/stand for the iPad. No word on pricing yet.

The Perfect Mobile Device Doesn’t Exist

Mobile technology has advanced at a breakneck pace the past few years. There are netbooks, handhelds and smartphones. The iPad has led many to proclaim the perfect mobile device has finally arrived. Guess what? There is no perfect mobile device, and there never will be.

Apple Blows By Analysts’ Q2 Expectations

The one thing that may be get people to forget about yesterday’s massive iPhone leak is if Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) blows away its second quarter…

iPadDevCamp: The Future of iPad Apps

It’s Saturday morning at the eBay/PayPal headquarters, and developers are busy preparing for the second day of iPad development at the first official iPadDevCamp (brought to us by the same people who previously organized three iPhoneDevCamp events).

iPad 3G Available On May 7

Apple has announced that the 3G model of the iPad will be made available on May 7. News of the launch comes following an update to the Apple online store, which finally details the U.S. availability of the 3G capable device.

iPad Accessories Series: Power Adapters

The iPad Accessories Series continues with a look at power options. There are as many power adapters as there are cases but I found some good models for the iPad owner. Note the car chargers that will top off your iPad while in the car.

The iPad Watch: 04.07.2010

»  The iPad won’t save the publishing industry from itself. [Harvard Business Review]

»  Experts are unsure whether the…

iPad Accessories Series: Stand Roundup

Apple has just started shipping the dock accessory, which provides a stand for the iPad on the desk while charging the tablet. Third party accessory makers are not conceding the market to Apple and there are some pretty cool iPad stands now available or expected soon.

The iPad as Enterprise Tool

The iPad has a reputation as being good for many things — media consumption, mobile messaging and games — to name a few. It does all of those things but even before getting my hands on one I started thinking about the iPad in the enterprise.

The iPad Watch: 04.06.2010

»  Forget Kindle, here’s why iPad is the Google killer. [Mele’s Musings]

»  Ten reasons why the iPad is good for enterp…

The iPad Watch: 04.05.2010

»  New iPad users complain about shoddy WiFi reception. [TechCrunch]

»  The moderate’s position on iPad openness. [Alex…

The Numbers On The iPad’s Debut

Taking stock of the iPad’s debut with the help of some metrics being talked about on the web:

»  The lines: “Hundreds” Saturday m…

iPad & the Facebook App Kerfuffle

Yesterday, the iPad launched and uncharacteristically missing from the line-up of apps: Facebook. The lack of the official app turned customers to buying a $2.99 app, Facebook Ultimate, which is now being universally panned by those who ponied up the cash. Did Facebook miss an opportunity?

Thoughts on the iPad — Day One

The big launch of the iPad was only yesterday, so my time with the slate has been limited. I am impressed with what I see so far, and I have tested a lot of apps to find a good method for using the latest Apple product.

My Day in iPad

It only took 5 minutes, a disappointment really, after all the buildup. In reality, you don’t line up for iPad/iPhone/iPod coz you’re actual…

Video: Launch Day iPad Purchase

The line here in Southlake, TX was pretty pathetic, which was just fine by me. Once I was through the doors I tried out an iPad for few seconds and then was quickly moved on to the purchasing process. Here’s a video of the experience.

iPad: My Very Early Impressions + Your Questions

After spending less than 24 hours with the iPad, I can confidently stay two things: One, it will re-define how we consume information and how we interact with information. And two, it will surely make us think differently about the very idea of computing.

iPad Now Available in the U.S.

It’s been two long months since the iPad was announced, and since then it’s been featured on the Grammys, various talk shows, and a comedy TV series. Today, the Apple stores have opened their glassy gates, and you can now get your very own.

iPad Unboxed Slideshow

Our buddies at the GigaOM HQ got their hands on an iPad and accessories so without any wasted words, here’s a slideshow to keep you excited for tomorrow. There are pics of the iPad, case, dock and keyboard dock. Enjoy.

iPad Sales Forecasts Shoot Up

As iPad day approaches, sales estimates are getting increasingly bullish. iSuppli said today it expects Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) to sell 7 million…

Unboxed: The iPad

In a matter of hours, Apple will officially launch the iPad across the Apple stores in the country.Here are some photos of the device, the special iPad keyboard and few other accessories. Enjoy this simple slideshow we have made for your visual pleasure.

The iPad is for Porn

Mainstream media companies aren’t the only ones gearing up for the launch of the iPad this Saturday. iPad users will also soon…

Roundup: iPad Previews Around the Web

Well, unfortunately Apple got my shipping address mixed up with David Pogue’s again and I did not get an iPad to review early. Fortunately, Pogue, Andy Ihnatko, Walt Mossberg and a lucky few others were able to talk about their experiences with the iPad starting today.

The iPad: Apple's Next Gold Rush

[digg=http://digg.com/apple/The_iPad_Apple_s_Next_Gold_Rush_Infographic] Related GigaOM Pro Research Report (sub req’d): Forecast: Tablet App Sales to Hit $8B by 2015 Infographic by Column Five Media

iPad Will Impact E-Book Business — Everyone’s

The frenzy this week in anticipation of the arrival of hundreds of thousands of iPads is as expected. One of things that remains to be seen is how Apple will impact the e-book game, with the iBookstore. Get ready for a big impact, for everyone.

How Will the iPad Change the Apple Stores?

Today, when you walk into a typical Apple store, you see clear demarcation of Apple’s two major product lines – computers & entertainment devices – which creates a brilliant retail experience. With the the iPad, I wonder, how will Apple re-organize this brilliant retail experience.

UPDATE: Sharing iTunes With Both iPhone and iPad?

It’s less than a week before many will have iPads in hand(s), and there is one question that is unanswered about the new slate. Many already own an iPhone that is linked to our iTunes library. How does adding the iPad impact that association?

iPad Mania Ramps Up Into Full iPad Frenzy

The world has been firmly in the throes of iPad mania for weeks, rivaling that of any gadget in memory. The amount of pixels dedicated to the iPad is astounding, and it’s sure to ratchet up this week as the mania transforms into a full frenzy.

Kindle for iPad Peeks Out; Will Apple Allow It?

Kindle for iPad has peeked out to show what Amazon is bringing to the slate, and it looks pretty. The bookshelf takes advantage of the bigger iPad screen, and presents books in a pleasing format. The reader is receiving a facelift, but will Apple approve it?

The iPad May Change Computing, Just Not Your Life

In the iPad, Apple has managed to create a beautiful, thoughtfully designed, compelling product. But is there room for a third category of product that sits between your two most essential devices, the laptop and phone? I’m still not sure there is.

Tip: Cheap iPad Stand

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. While eagerly awaiting my iPad to arrive — is it April 3…

Let The iPad Sales Begin

Early adopters take note: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is taking pre-orders for the iPad at 5:30 a.m. Pacific on Friday.

Last week, Apple announced…

Quick Hits: iPad Edition 03.08.2010

Gadget sites have been abuzz with all things Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) as the company’s stock hits yet another record high today, and gears up for…

The iPad Makes Its TV Ad Debut

With its release date now set, Apple’s iPad made its TV advertising debut at the Oscars a few minutes ago. Here’s the clip (via Engadget and…

3 Reasons Apple’s iPad Won’t See a Price Drop

Apple iPad pre-orders begin this week, but some folks are holding out for a price drop and letting the early adapters shoulder the cost risk. Unfortunately, this isn’t like the iPhone debut. Three reasons tell me not to bet money on an iPad price cut.

iPad Arrives April 3 — You Might Need to Hold It First

Apple today announced both pre-order and availability dates for its iPad. Many see it as an oversized iPod Touch, but perhaps the form factor is part of the purchase equation. You might need to hold and use the device before making a decision. Are you buying?

Will the iPad Save the Magazine Biz?

Magazine publishers are lining up to get magazines onto the iPad. It’s almost as if they believe the slate will save the industry from itself. I’m not so sure that regular folks will be in a hurry to read magazines on a gadget, even the iPad.

iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week

In the weekly iPhone roundup I take a second look at an iPhone app I haven’t touched in nearly two years. It’s much improved for reading digital magazines. And Apple just received a patent for capacitive displays — will they start to protect it?

Why I Am Excited About the iPad

The minute I touched the iPad at the Apple event, I knew my idea of computing had been transformed, irrevocably and irreversibly. With iPad, I see a clean slate to reinvent pretty much how we think of media, information and in fact the whole user experience.

Fear & Loathing Over iPad Pricing

I’m amazed at the play being given to this iPad price cuts story. People seem to be overlooking the fact that Apple’s business model is in transition, in that in addition to being a hardware and software company, it’s becoming a “transactions” company.

My Early Impressions of Apple's iPad & a Quick Hands-on Review

Despite their evolution, laptops and desktop computers as we know them are essentially work tools. They’re designed for content creation. The iPad, on the other hand, is made for consumption — the consumption of digital media. Here are some early impression, including a brief hand-on review.