IPad app

Who knew: Mechanical engineers have their own iPad app

Mechanical Engineer is an app for the iPad that’s a cool and useful way to store and use hundreds of conversions and formulas that mechanical engineers — or those studying to be one — need when they’re designing brakes or fans or bridges or elevators.

Butt Art iPad app teaches children how to draw

A New York start-up is launching a children’s drawing iPad app called Butt Art today that teaches children how to make pictures starting with a butt. The company’s got some interesting ideas for making drawing more interactive and engaging not only for kids but their parents.

Netflix expands international support for iOS, Apple TV

Netflix is giving subscribers in Latin America new ways to access its streaming library, by expanding availability of its app on iOS products in the region. Subscribers in its newest international markets can download apps and stream video to the iPad, iPhone and even Apple TV.

MeFeedia rolls out iPad app to help videos find you

MeFeedia has introduced a new iPad app that seeks to make it easier to find and share interesting videos online. Unlike other apps, MeFeedia hopes to surface popular and interesting videos based on user ratings and interests without hooking into social networks or anything like that.

Facebook’s future is mobile

Many of us still access Facebook through our web browsers, but it is increasingly becoming a mobile powerhouse. At GigaOM Mobilize, Erick Tseng, Head of Mobile Products for Facebook, said it may soon be more of a mobile company than one which develops for the web.

500M views in 5 years: How TEDTalks did it

It’s not the type of thing you would watch for mindless entertainment, but with nearly 1,000 videos from various events posted to the site, TEDTalks has attracted a large — and growing — audience. In just five years, it’s racked up more than 500 million views and counting.

Clearleap Takes Cable TV iPad Apps Into the Cloud

Clearleap helps pay TV providers to make their traditional VOD offerings available online and on IP-connected set-top boxes. Now it’s taking IP-based delivery of cable content one step further by unveiling a new feature that will let cable operators quickly and easily deploy iPad apps.

Showyou Adds YouTube, Vimeo and Tumblr Support

When Showyou launched, it promised a better way to find new videos being shared among users’ friends and contacts on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. With its latest update, the video discovery app has added support for more sources, including YouTube, Vimeo and Tumblr.

VH1’s Co-Star iPad App Is Like a DVR for Tweets

VH1 knew its viewers were tweeting about its shows and wanted to engage them on social networks. But it also knew they weren’t necessarily tuning into shows live. So it released a new companion iPad app called VH1 Co-Star, which combines social sharing with on-demand viewing.

BBC iPlayer App Coming to the iPad This Week

The BBC could introduce an iPad app for its iPlayer catch-up service later this week, according to an employee. The app, available only to UK residents, will enable viewers to stream programs on Wi-Fi networks and could lead to a paid U.S. version later this year.

Turner First Up for Live Streaming on Comcast’s iPad App

When Comcast announced its plans to build TV Everywhere services, Time Warner was right there with it. So it comes as little surprise that Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting has extended availability of its content to be available on authenticated websites and mobile apps, live and on-demand.

TiVo Unveils Its Own DVR-Controlling iPad App

TiVo is unveiling a new iPad app designed to allow owners of its new Premiere DVRs to search and navigate their programming from the Apple tablet. But TiVo’s iPad app follows a number of pay TV operators’ apps, which work with their DVRs.

Hey CBS, Where Are All My iPad Episodes?

In May, CBS promised us that its entire fall lineup of web videos would be viewable in on the iPad, a promise that hasn’t been fulfilled. So what’s holding the broadcaster back from making the same CBS.com content on the web available on the iPad?