IPad Air

Video review: Targus Versavu keyboard case for iPad Air

After buying the Zagg Folio keyboard for my iPad Air, Targus sent me a review unit of its Versavu — pronounced “versa-view”– keyboard case. I’m not a fan of the Shift key and the keyboard isn’t backlit, but one unique feature is appealing. Take a look.

Video look at the excellent Zagg Folio for iPad Air

How does the thinner, lighter iPad Air lend itself to a keyboard accessory? Pretty good if you have the right keyboard. I bought a Zagg Folio case and really like the typing experience, not to mention the backlit keys with various color choices.

Watch: iPad Air torture test

The iPad Air is down and out after a simple drop on a mound of dirt, but then it gets cracked on concrete, dunked in water, and shot with an Airsoft gun.