IPad 3

First week with the new iPad: It’s hard to put down

Like a few million others, I took delivery of a new iPad from Apple last weekend. Mine arrived late on Friday afternoon, and after a week of use, I’m turning more to the new iPad over other tablets. Here’s why and some minor wishes or gripes.

UBS: Half of new iPads sold will tap into 4G

UBS believes the new iPad will be the catalyst that drives consumers to connect their tablets to mobile broadband networks. UBS predicted there would be a near 50/50 split between Wi-Fi-only and 4G iPads sold, driven by the demand for fast LTE connectivity in the U.S.

MobileTechRoundup podcast 263: New iPad impressions

Matt and Kevin share first impressions of the new iPad on this week’s audio podcast. Also covered in the show: a Honeycomb upgrade for the HTC Flyer, getting a Verizon iPad to work on AT&T and hands on with the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

No 4G chip magic in the iPad, just a big battery

We already knew from Apple’s iPad product page that the new tablet has a much higher battery capacity over the prior iPad. But is there a special or new 4G LTE chip to help? Based on iFixit’s teardown, it’s a battery-only solution; no advanced LTE chip.

What Apple’s new LTE love means for Sprint, T-Mobile

In Apple’s new LTE order, the roles of Sprint and T-Mobile may be reversed. Sprint’s oddly configured networks mean it may not be be able to cash in on a future LTE iPhone. Meanwhile, T-Mobile finds itself a prime candidate for the iconic device.

Forget LTE — the real iPad wireless story is Bluetooth

Amid the various upgrades announced for Apple’s new iPad was a hot new wireless technology. You might think I’m referring to the tablet’s 4G LTE mobile broadband support, but I’m not. I’m talking about the far less sexy, but no less important, inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0.

Apple TV’s missed opportunity

I had high hopes for the new Apple TV and the type of interactive experiences that it could usher in. And while 1080p video is great and all, I can’t shake the feeling that this new $99 box has so much potential completely untapped.

Apple and the new iPad: By the numbers

In typical fashion, Apple shared a multitude of numeric data points prior to, and during, the introduction of its new iPad and Apple TV. The numbers show that, unlike many peers, Apple has planned for, and is migrating to, what it calls the “post-PC world.”

Poll: If the iPad 3 is thicker, is that a problem?

Apple’s new iPad is rumored to be slightly thicker than the iPad 2. I think that’s a good thing, if true. Devices may have passed the “sweet spot” of thinness, as I’m finding that slim slates and smartphones are hurting my hands. Is it just me?

So it’s iPad HD, not iPad 3?

It’s looking more like Apple is going to be dropping the numerical naming scheme of its iPad lineup. CNET and VentureBeat both reported the same thing on Monday: that they are hearing from sources that what Apple unveils on Wednesday will be called iPad HD.

March 7 it is: Apple confirms iPad event

Apple has confirmed what had been rumored for weeks: that it will be hosting one of its signature product introduction events on March 7. The invitation shows what appears to be an iPad and reads: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

Meaningful Partners: Microsoft Office for iPad & Apple’s iPad 3

If the speculation is true that Microsoft is prepping Office for the iPad, it’s worth asking where it will save documents. Would Office for iPad save docs to Apple’s iCloud? Or would it use some Microsoft technology like SkyDrive, Office365 or Sharepoint servers?

What we know about the iPad 3

It’s pretty much a given that Apple is getting ready to introduce the next version of the iPad. The timing is right, and little leaks of information are beginning to slip out more frequently. Here’s what we’ve heard so far.

Looks like we’ll meet the iPad 3 in early March

AllThingsD is reporting that Apple will hold a press event to announce the successor to the iPad 2 the first week of March. It’s said to have faster chips, better graphics, about the same form factor and a retina display or “something close to it.”

Is Apple’s 2012 iPad line aimed at every budget?

Some believe Apple’s next iPad launch could lead to a three-tiered pricing strategy aimed at making the iPad appealing to a much broader cross-section of consumers. So is Apple’s next tablet move really designed to lock up the market from top to bottom?

Apple reportedly using new display tech for iPad 3

Supply chain reports released on Friday indicate that Apple will opt for indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) instead of in-plane switching (IPS) display panels for its upcoming iPad 3. The change would provide benefits in terms of energy consumption, cost reduction and improved resolution.

IPad 3 screen shipments reportedly ramping up

Apple has reportedly ordered two million high-res display panels from Samsung, LG and Sharp for November, adding to the one million it’s said to have ordered in October. The screens, according to a previous report, are said to be Retina displays, with resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.