Ipad 2

Is the iPad 2 cannibalizing the new iPad’s profits?

Apple’s accountants are busy tallying its fiscal 2012 Q3 numbers, including the number of iPads sold and revenue from the iPad product line. Rags Srinivasan examines these two numbers and what they mean for the shelf life of the iPad 2.

Selling an iPad? 10 minutes could fetch an extra $100

Best Buy is offering Apple’s tablet for $50 less this week, and iPad and iPad 2 values are dropping in anticipation of the iPad 3 announcement in March. But with a little bit of effort and searching, you could find a deal that puts extra money in your pocket.

iPad 3 event reportedly on the horizon

Apple is only weeks away from hosting a special iPad event, according to sources speaking to Japanese blog Macotakara Tuesday. The sources claim we’ll see the iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 put on public display as early as the beginning of February.

IPad 3 production reportedly under way for March launch

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the iPad 2’s introduction, rumors are heating up around its successor. The iPad 3 is reportedly now in production in preparation for an early March launch, when it will ship with new Sharp displays and a relatively unchanged body.

4 reasons Apple should make a 7-inch iPad

News of a rumored smaller iPad made the rounds on Friday as Asian supply channels indicate a 7.85-inch model will arrive in late 2012. With iPhone sales rising, there’s less of a need for the iPod touch line, paving the way for less expensive Apple tablets.

Apple scores three of top ten spots in Google Zeitgeist 2011

Apple-related things were on a lot of people’s minds in 2011, according to Google’s Zeitgeist 2011search term year-in-review. Three Apple-themed queries appear in the list of the top ten fastest-rising searches worldwide, including one shipping product, one phantom product, and the man who started it all.

Apple changes up iPad 2 Smart Covers

The quieter-than-usual update to the MacBook Pro line wasn’t the only change on the Apple Store today. Updates were also made to the iPad Smart Cover product section. The Smart Cover is Apple’s magnetic flap/stand accessory that protects the iPad 2’s display.

Apple’s reported supply chain cuts ‘overblown’

A day after an analyst spooked Apple investors with a report that the company had cut back on iPad production, other analysts are saying everything is fine. Some have their own theories on why Apple may have lowered orders for some iPad parts.

Openwave accuses Apple, RIM phones, tablets of patent infringement

Software maker Openwave filed suit with the International Trade Commission Wednesday accusing Apple and RIM mobile devices of infringing on five of mobile Internet connection patents, joining a long line mobile companies who are currently using the U.S. patent system to squeeze competitors.

Apple’s iPad is eating notebooks for lunch

The influence of Apple’s iPad on mobile computing is made fairly obvious by the huge numbers of competitor products that we’ve seen from just about every mobile and computer company under the sun, but a new report from Deutsche Bank makes it even more apparent.

This is what’s new in iOS 5 beta 2

iOS 5 beta 2 arrived late last week for registered Apple developers, and the update did more than just smooth things out. It also brought some changes to the way the OS looks, feels and acts, according to reports. Here’s a breakdown of the major changes.

E-readers hit their stride while tablet growth more modest

Spurred on by lower prices and by growing acceptance among college graduates and Hispanics, e-reader usage is taking off with 12 percent of adults using an e-reader in May, double the rate from November, according to the Pew Internet Project.

These are the developers filling Google’s iPad app gap

Google hasn’t made nearly as many native apps for the iPad as it has for the iPhone, so you can probably count Google among those who think a web-based, cross-platform solution is just as good as an app for tablets. Luckily, third-party developers don’t agree.

Video Recording Side-by-Side: iPad 2 vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1

Which tablet records better HD video, the iPad 2 or the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1? We took both devices for a spin, simultaneously recording some indoor and outdoor footage around our office and then combining the footage to a side-by-side video. The results may surprise you.

Explosion Reported at Foxconn iPad Production Plant

Multiple news sources are reporting an explosion at a Foxconn Chengdu manufacturing plant primarily responsible for iPad 2 production. So far, six men and one woman have been reported as injured (two seriously) as a result of the blast, according to MICgadget.

What Does the Future of iPad Gaming Look Like?

Wednesday I posted a video of Firemint’s Real Racing 2 HD doing double-duty on my iPad 2 and 40-inch LCD TV (included below). After playing the game, I pinged Firemint for some thoughts regarding the future of iOS gaming, and the results are exciting.

What Should the iPad 3 Do?

The iPad 2 may have only just arrived, but I’ve spent enough time with the device to get a good sense of what it’s still missing. In the spirit of the post-PC era, here are three experiences I’d like to see introduced with the next iPad.

Verizon iPad 2 Displaying Strange Roaming Behavior

A number of Verizon iPad 2s are exhibiting issues with 3G networks, prompting Apple to replace some. But that’s not a satisfactory fix, as replacement units show the same problem. Neither Apple nor Verizon seems to be able to offer a satisfying solution at this point.

iPad 2 Tops Consumer Reports Tablet Ratings

Consumer Reports has released its rundown of the top 10 tablets, and while it says there’s some competition brewing, Apple still wins in terms of both quality and price. Consumer Reports does a good job of pointing to little details that illustrate why that is.

eBay Sees 12K iPad 2 Sales in Two Weeks

If you were looking for an iPad 2 during the past few weeks and wanted instant gratification, eBay was a good place to look, so long as you don’t mind inflated asking prices. Turns out at least 12,000 people were the impatient type.

Hack Brings Wireless Video Mirroring to iPad 2

The iPad 2’s new HD mirroring ability is one of the device’s real killer features, in my opinion, but one user found that it can be made even more useful by removing the requirement of a tethered cable connection, and streaming the mirrored feed wirelessly.

iPad 2 Loses the Water Damage Indicators

There is little in a gadget lover’s life that’s more disappointing than taking a device in for warranty repairs, only to be told that it isn’t eligible because of water damage. iPad 2 owners may seldom have to face that kind of disappointment, new info suggests.

Apple Touch Panel Deal May Squeeze Rivals

Apple could be on the verge of making touch panel supply much more scarce than it already is for the portable device market. A new DigiTimes report Wednesday says that Apple is willing to pay more to secure “sufficient supply” for its products.

Cord Cutters: Replacing Cable with the iPad 2

The iPad 2 can do more than just replace your laptop on the go — it can also act as your personal video streaming device, and possibly even replace your cable box. Check out this week’s Cord Cutters for a closer look at the iPad’s video capabilities.

Original iPads Beginning to Sell Out?

The first generation 16 GB Wi-Fi has disappeared from the clearance section of the Apple Store online, and it probably won’t be coming back. Other models could soon follow, meaning discounted prices for new iPads could soon be a thing of the past.

iPad 2 May Face Supply Woes After Japanese Quake

iSuppli, the company responsible for thorough product teardowns of Apple products, reported Thursday that the Japanese earthquake could affect iPad 2 supply volume, since at least five components from that device are likely sourced from Japanese suppliers, including a few hard-to-replace parts.

What to Expect From iPhone 5 — and When

The iPad 2 is no longer a source of much mystery, thanks to Friday’s release. The iPhone 5, on the other hand, is still veiled in secrecy, and recently the rumor mill surrounding Apple’s smartphone has sped up in anticipation of a not-so-distant June unveiling.

How the iPad 2 Measures Up In Real-World Performance

I used the weekend to do some analysis of the iPad 2’s performance. Geoffrey Goetz ran the iPad 2 through a series of performance measurement tools, but I took the old-fashioned approach to see how it measured up in terms of real world usage.

New Wi-Fi Tablets: Too Little, Too Late?

Over the next month, at least three new Wi-Fi tablets are expected to launch from Samsung, Motorola and Research In Motion. Without mobile broadband, each should compete well on price to Apple’s iPad 2, which starts at $499. But odds are still stacked against their success.

Benchmarking the iPad 2 Performance Gains

The iPad 2 is a beast under the hood, thanks to the new A5 system-on-a-chip designed in-house by Apple. But what does that mean in terms of the hard numbers of actual performance measurement, and how does it stack up to other iOS devices?

iPad 2 Sold Out After Opening Weekend

In case anyone doubted the iPad’s potential to be an ongoing success, the iPad 2 released Friday appears to be completely sold out across the U.S., according to Piper Jaffray. The report was confirmed separately by Deutsche Bank analysts early Monday.

Which Model to Buy? iPad 2’s Assisted GPS Demystified

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about what exactly “Assisted GPS” on Apple’s iOS devices is, especially regarding navigation-based app requirements. It can be a bit complicated, but understanding what it means could help you decide which iPad to buy.

Will The Next iPad Challenge Come From Amazon?

As the first Apple iPad 2 reviews arrive, there’s talk of a new tablet competitor in Amazon. There are several key reasons Amazon could succeed where other tablet makers are struggling, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park for Amazon.

iPad 2 Review Roundup: Apple Has Another Winner

The first iPad 2 reviews are out, and by all accounts, Apple’s lead in the tablet space is likely to continue for some time. Does iPad 2 have the right specifications and software or is this a device that evokes emotions? The answer is both.

Which iPad 2 Should You Buy?

With the iPad 2 launch just days away, it’s a good time to consider which model you want to buy. You should consider your own usage habits, but also when you plan on upgrading next, and what the resale market will look like when you do.

iPad 2 Does Javascript 4X Faster Than The Original

The iPad 2 arrives Friday, and CNET UK provides some interesting benchmarks that show it’s something to get excited about. The site did some Javascript tests with the iPad 2, and found that the new hardware ups the game when it comes to mobile browsing.

Want an iPad 2 on March 11? Be in Line Early

Around 6 a.m. on April 3, 2010, prospective iPad buyers began lining up at the Apple Store in Durham, N.C., with simliar lines forming across the U.S. Nearly a year and 20 million iPads later, history is about to repeat itself with the iPad 2 launch.

The iPad 2’s Killer Feature Is HD Mirroring

People might disagree on whether buying an iPad 2 is a good idea, but there’s no denying that it improves on the original. But the most impressive feature of all comes when you combine the iPad 2 with the new Digital AV Adapter accessory: video mirroring.

Why I’ll Bite on the iPad 2 Update

Apple introduced the iPad 2 yesterday, a device that’s more than likely to keep Apple on top of the pile for yet another year. But is the iPad 2 worthy of the attention (and hard-won dollars) of original iPad owners?

Get a $100 Refund on Recent iPad Purchases

Apple will be refunding customers the $100 difference between first-generation iPads bought before yesterday and those bought after the price drop, so long as the purchase happened sometime in the last two weeks. Not a bad deal for buyers who just couldn’t wait for iPad 2.

iOS 4.3 Available March 11, Brings New Features

At the Apple event today, we heard details about the latest installment of iOS, version 4.3. The developer beta has been available for a while now, but the public release has now been announced, and Apple revealed acouple tricks that even the beta hadn’t yet introduced.

Apple iPad 2: What You Need to Know

Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s iPad 2 today and says the new tablet will launch on March 11. A few external updates along with a slew of internal changes make the iPad 2 a solid upgrade. Here’s a listing of what’s different in Apple’s newest tablet.

Meet the iPad 2 at Apple’s Launch Event

The time has come. The Apple Store is down, and Apple’s about to kick off its special event, which will almost certainly see the introduction of the iPad 2. We’ll be following the action and liveblogging the announcements right here, so stay tuned.

Apple iPad Event Confirmed for March 2

Apple sent out invitations for its next event Wednesday morning, which will take place Wednesday, March 2 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10 a.m. PST, and the graphic accompanying the invitation suggests the iPad 2 will indeed be unveiled at the event.

Report: iPad 2 Event Set for March 2 [Updated]

Apple will announce the iPad 2 at a press event Wednesday, Mar. 2, according to AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher. The date is said to be confirmed by several sources close to the situation. If true, press invites to the announcement will likely follow soon.

MacBook Pro Rumors Point to Imminent Refresh

Over the weekend the Apple rumour mill went into overdrive with talk of a MacBook Pro refresh arriving later this week. AppleInsider reported yesterday that Apple informed resellers to expect mysterious new deliveries any day now. But will the update bring the legendary Light Peak?

Why the iPad 3 Rumors Are Premature, At Best

The web is on fire with stories about a possible iPad 3 release sometime in fall of 2011. Look closely, and you’ll see they all stem from one source: an educated guess made by John Gruber. While a good guess, it’s not beyond reproach.

Evidence for iPad 2 Cameras Shows Up in iOS 4.3 Assets

Apple’s pre-release software betas are often a veritable treasure trove of information about what’s in store for devices in future hardware updates. iOS 4.3 Beta 2 is no exception, bringing strong evidence that the iPad 2 will indeed have at least one camera, and likely two.

Rumor Has It: iPad 2 Will Have USB

While many were busy filling faces with turkey, and filling malls to the brim on Friday, some new, interesting rumors about the iPad 2 came to light. The rumors included some obvious claims, but one seems out of left field: a built-in USB port.

iPad 2 Ads Already Shot?

Rumor has it that Apple has already filmed ads for the next iPad. British photographer David Sims was chosen to create the ads late last month at New York’s Pier 59. Current generation iPads were reportedly used during filming, to be digitally replaced in post production.


Rumored Apple Tablet: Opportunities Too Big to Ignore

While the Tablet PC invented by Microsoft never captured the imagination of the buying public, the rumors of an Apple slate device just won’t go away. It has been rumored for years that Apple is working on some sort of tablet device, and this year the talk of such a gadget heated up to a fevered pitch. No one can predict what the folks in Cupertino may be working on, but industry insiders have pretty much reached the conclusion that an Apple slate is indeed imminent. Evidence of specific hardware components that Apple is ordering has those who watch such things convinced that we will see the company release a tablet early next year.

Why should Apple expect to succeed with a tablet when the Tablet PC never did? The original Tablet PC was pitched for content creation, with an emphasis on handwriting on the screen. The technology to interpret handwriting was better than most folks realized, but it was not compelling enough to generate sales numbers as desired. Pricing was a big factor, too, with Tablet PCs costing much more than premium notebooks, often over $2,000.

But in the years since the original tablets were introduced, content consumption — not creation — has become valued in many consumer devices and services, from e-books to Twitter. The explosion of content online is something that we’ve observed closely over the last few years, and an Apple slate will be positioned to meet that need; after all, Apple revolutionized the smartphone space with the iPhone, specifically by creating a great handheld web surfing device. As good as the web experience is on the iPhone, however, the larger screen of a slate will make it a revolutionary web tablet — and more. Think of the utility a 10-inch iPhone could provide for online browsing, and the new slate from Apple becomes a very compelling device. Additionally, it can be expected that Apple would use the slate as its answer to the low-cost netbook market, with a price far below that of the $2,000 Tablet PC, making it more attractive to consumers.

Prudence would usually dictate taking a wait-and-see attitude for those in affected industries, but an Apple slate, should it emerge, will create business opportunities so massive that it is worth taking a hard look at them now.