IOS Apps

Meet the guys behind the iPhone’s best calendar app

The two men behind Fantastical are, in many ways, very different from each other: they work on opposite coasts and graduated college decades apart. But their laser focus and exacting standards are a good match when it comes to building great iOS and Mac software.

Apple awards Paper, Action Movie FX best iOS apps of the year

The selection of these apps as best of the year demonstrate the growing sophistication of what developers are making for iPhone and iPad. A glance at the top paid apps also shows that games are somewhat loosening their grip on their “most popular” status.

iPad art gets real with Foldify app

The iPad may be an unexpected platform for making art with paper, but the folks at Pixle are betting there are people who want to use their iPad for creation. That’s why they made Foldify, a simple, easy-to-use app for creating papercraft art.

Lodsys claims 150 iOS developers give in to patent demands

iOS developer scourge Lodsys offers an update on the state of its attempts to wield an in-app purchasing patent against app makers. The company says that it has “every confidence that all claims will ultimately be confirmed through this lengthy process.”

Appsfire ranks the best iOS apps, not just the most-downloaded

Operating on the theory that there are better ways to find great iOS apps than skimming the “top downloaded” lists on the App Store, Appsfire has published its first-ever alternative rankings that highlight the best apps, not just the ones with the highest download count.

iOS hacker posts method to get in-app purchases for free

The Russian hacker says there’s no jailbreak involved. Instead, he’s done it by installing two certificates and changing the phone’s Wi-Fi settings. In the demonstration video, he’s using iOS 6 and an iPhone 4S and claims the project is in its early stages.

What’s behind the iOS app update crashes?

While many Americans were celebrating Independence Day, some iOS developers began receiving loads of complaints and bad reviews about recently updated apps suddenly crashing upon launch. Apple has yet to explain to users or clue their developers in on what happened.

25 iOS apps to pack on your summer road trip

You’ve got snacks, playlists and a full gas tank. But what about apps? Assuming you’ve also packed your iPhone, here are 25 that will ensure an easier trip — for packing, finding the cheapest gas and the closest Wi-Fi, knowing the weather on your route and more.

Hey, Mister DJ: vjay brings video mixing to the iPad

Who would have thought you can do that with an iPad: Algoriddim’s new vjay app makes it possible to mix two music videos in real time, complete with loops, effects, beat matching, instantaneous exporting of clips and everything else that makes your inner DJ smile.

IOS developers believe larger iPhone won’t cause big problems

It’s been reported the next iPhone will have a larger screen. We talked to iOS app makers about the implications that move would have on future iOS development. Many are not convinced Apple would complicate the current development process intentionally by adding additional screen sizes.

Facebook: Follow us to the mobile Web

Facebook is gearing up to take advantage of the mobile web and put itself at the head of a growing web app ecosystem. Today, it announced a set of initiatives that should help standardize mobile web browsers and enable better payments in mobile web apps.

Last-minute ticketing app WillCall opens doors to the public

WillCall is now available for download, with a few acts already lined up. The coolest part of WillCall — besides enabling poor planners and procrastinators of the world — is its attempt to capture the inherently social nature of concert-going within the app.

Facebook Timeline now on Android app and mobile website

Facebook’s new Timeline user interface is now available pretty much everywhere — including on mobile devices.Just a few hours after announcing worldwide availability of the new Timeline profile interface, Facebook on Thursday launched Timeline on its mobile Android app and on its mobile website,

How Xamarin gave Mono a life after Novell

Xamarin, the company born earlier this year when Novell laid off the entire workforce dedicated to maintaining Mono, the open-source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET development framework, was up against big odds. But at just seven months old, Xamarin is now profitable without VC backing.

Leap2 reimagines search for smartphones

A small Midwestern startup is rethinking the way we use web search on our phones by tweaking the now-standard Google layout. Their solution: a mobile app called Leap2, which is set to launch Tuesday in the iOS App Store. It’s initially for the iPhone only.

HipGeo wants to be your mobile digital travel diary

HipGeo aims to put all details related to your travel — photos, check-ins, comments — in one place with an app that passively keeps track of your movements. Afterward, you can easily create a slick, animated travel diary. Here’s what I found when I used it on a cross-country trip.

Pandora CTO: We jailbroke the iPhone, love HTML5

Pandora jailbroke an iPhone to get an early start on development for Apple’s iOS platform, the company’s CTO Tom Conrad revealed at Mobilize 2011 on Monday. These days, Conrad is equally excited about HTML5 and the impact it will have on connected devices.

Meet Ness, the Pandora for restaurant recommendations

Ness has launched its debut iOS app, a “personal search engine” that aims to provide highly personalized restaurant recommendations. Essentially it’s like a Pandora for restaurants: From the start it’s almost creepily accurate with its recommendations, and the more you use it, the better it gets.