Want the iOS 7 look on Android? Check out iLauncher

Android device owners intrigued by the look of iOS 7 — and there are some that fit this bill — can replicate Apple’s user experience with this impressive low-cost launcher. And yes, you can disable the zooming function that’s making some iOS 7 users a bit queasy.

The design origins of iOS 7

Several of the concepts introduced to iPhone users in iOS 7 were modeled after features developed by competitors scrambling to catch up to Apple’s original iPhone breakthrough. Here’s a look the inspiration for those features.

The biggest hiccups in iOS 7’s new UI

Apple introduced a lot of changes with the iOS 7 redesign, but not all of them worked for me. Here are a few things that seem off about the new operating system’s design.

Upgrading to iOS 7 means learning a new language

The language that app makers use to communicate actions the users should take — buttons, check boxes, etc. — is a new one for iOS. Some designers say that will mean far more work than ever before to make sure users understand new apps.

6 things iOS can learn from OS X

Plenty of iOS features have found their way into Apple’s desktop OS over the past couple of years. But Apple should also consider moving some Mac features into its mobile OS.

My iOS 7 wish list

While I may be wishing upon a star here, I’m hopeful that Apple beginning support for a third-party audio interface is a sign of change from Cupertino regarding features they may add to iOS.