Mobile designers no longer see Apple on the forefront of iOS design

As the iOS App Store nears the half-decade mark, one of the biggest changes we’re witnessing is how app developers are beginning to go their own way in terms of design. Some of the most forward-thinking designers are bucking Apple’s traditional look for cleaner, simpler interfaces.

How Google Maps may have actually helped Apple

Across the 12,000 apps and 12 ad networks it tracks, MoPub saw impressions from devices using iOS 6 rise 29 percent between last Tuesday and Saturday. MoPub believes that change came from people finally upgrading to iOS 6, after holding out for Google Maps.

Apple issues iOS 6 update to fix Wi-Fi bug

When releasing the software update, Apple didn’t specify the nature of the bug. But a look at the company’s online support forums show a variety of complaints of problems related to accessing some local networks.

Urban Airship starts filling Apple’s digital wallet with Tello buy

Financial details remain under wraps, but in-app push messaging specialist Urban Airship will gain Tello’s PassTools, which can automatically generate and manage passes, coupons and loyalty cards for Apple’s Passbook. For Airship it’s a means of moving beyond messaging and beyond the smartphone app.

Apple’s Maps mess and BMW give boost to transit app Embark

Thanks to Apple not including transit directions in its Maps app, third-party apps like Embark have seen a sudden influx of users. Along with those users has come more opportunities for SF-based Embark: a new investment from BMW and the chance to expand even wider.

Why App Store search (still) needs to be fixed

Developers are frustrated by changes caused by the update to App Store with iOS 6. That release, which incorporated changes from Apple’s acquisition of Chomp, was supposed to help users find apps they’d like, and surface higher-quality apps. In many cases, it’s simply causing confusion.

iCloud 101: Find My Friends app gets iOS 6 update

With the release of iOS 6, Apple has accordingly updated many of its homebrewed mobile apps. Here is a look at how the software upgrade has improved the Find My Friends app, and how you can use it to track your friends’ locations.

iOS 6 adoption by device: iPhone leads, iPod touch trails

About 60 percent of iPhone owners have upgraded to iOS 6. iPad owners are close behind, with 45 percent upgrading in the first week and a half. iPod touch owners, meanwhile, were least likely to upgrade right away, with just under 40 percent installing iOS 6.

The Apple Roundup: Verizon, Apple fix iPhone 5 cellular data bug

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: fixing a major Verizon iPhone 5 bug, the enormous task of improving Maps, decrease in work hours for Apple suppliers, App Store changes in iOS 6, and more.

Apple’s new Passbook isn’t quite ready for prime time

Using the app for what it’s advertised for — scanning barcodes — works as intended. But getting to that point was more complex than it should be. In all, the app feels incomplete and perhaps rushed. In other words, it doesn’t feel like an Apple product yet.

Apple starts to roll out iOS 6 software update

You can finally get your hands on Apple’s latest iOS upgrade: iOS 6. It’s starting to become available for download as of Wednesday morning. You’ll find new Mail features, a better Siri, Facebook integration throughout the OS, improved Notifications, Passbook, Shared PhotoStreams and improved App Store.

iOS 6 hands-on review: The new Mail app

Up until iOS 6, I’d considered Apple’s mobile Mail app merely adequate for my needs. Now, it’s moved into not-half-bad territory. Here’s a rundown of my experiences using the new features of the Mail app, which will be available to everyone when iOS 6 rolls out Wednesday.

The not-so-secret iPhone 5: What to expect from Apple’s event

Apple’s yearly iPhone event is always a big deal. This year’s differs a bit because, for the famously secretive Apple, the expected iPhone 5 is one of the worst-kept Apple secrets ever. Thanks to an inordinate number of leaks, here’s what we can expect on Wednesday.

PassSource helps developers create passes for iOS 6 Passbook

From iOS developer Kudit, the service will let anyone easily participate in iOS Passbook, a feature coming in the next version of the software. In the future, PassSource will also offer an analytics dashboard for pass creators to track how their passes are being used.

Hands on: Shared Photo Streams in iOS 6

Coming in iOS 6 this fall is a more social photo feature called Shared Photo Streams. We walk you through how it will work: how to set it up, and how you can then start sharing, liking and commenting on your iPhone-owning friends’ photos.

Thanks to iOS 6, MetaWatch outs Strata smartwatch

As the Pebble smartwatch proved, to help sell a wearable device, you need support for iOS. Thanks to the new iOS 6 software, which now supports text message sharing over Bluetooth, the MetaWatch team is banking on Apple fans to fund its new Strata smartwatch.

Developers could be happy with a taller iPhone screen

9to5Mac’s report on Tuesday seems to support some developers’ hopes that the next iPhone would have a taller screen without an altered resolution. Though the report concerns a test device, the scenario laid out should be amenable to developers and iPhone buyers.