Google-Dish: Perfect match or disaster in the making?

According to the WSJ, Dish Network and Google have been in talks about launching an LTE network. Google would bring cash, while Dish would bring spectrum, but neither company has the infrastructure or expertise to run a mobile carrier. Maybe that’s why Google is interested.

What accelerators do best — and where they fall down

After leaving the accelerator world, Mikko Järvenpää decided to ask entrepreneurs what they really thought about their experiences inside the startup factories. After talking to more than 150 graduates he discovered that acceleration can work well, but programs don’t always provide the help startups really need.

Dish makes a mysterious investment. Could it be Clearwire?

A regulatory filing shows Dish invested in $396 million in an unnamed company. Analysts believe that company is Clearwire and that dish could be preparing to partner with the ailing WiMAX provider to build its new LTE network — that is if gets permission to build.

Samsung invests $5M in 4G data-triage startup Stoke

Mobile data gateway maker Stoke already has some impressive investors from the telecom world, Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and India’s Reliance Communications, but it’s adding a third. Samsung is making a $5 million strategic investment, betting that its LTE triage and security technology has a bright future.

Red hot: Russian internet deals tripled in 2011

The Russian internet market has seen a lot of activity over the past year, but now there’s some data that proves exactly how much more is happening. And what do the stats say? That dealflow was up more than threefold between 2010 and 2011.

Seedrs opens doors for early stage crowdfunding

With European startups regularly complaining about a lack of seed funding, crowd investment platform Seedrs hopes to link the people to the companies who need it — and today it is inviting the first startups to join its service.

Does Europe lack ambition? No, but some Europeans do

With the financial outlook gloomy across Europe, there’s constant chatter about how hard it is not being Silicon Valley. But a growing number of people are challenging entrepreneurs to stop complaining and start building. Can they light a fire under the continent’s startups?

European VC isn’t dead — it’s just subsidized

Over the last few years, European venture capitalists have seen their biggest sources of investment change dramatically — and now governments provide more cash for the continent’s startups than anyone else. How’s that for a bailout?

Viadeo gets $32m to become LinkedIn for the world

French business networking site Viadeo has long played second fiddle to LinkedIn. But with a fresh round of funding in the bank, the company plans on becoming the world’s leading player thanks to growth in countries like China, Russia and Brazil.

BlackBerry Partners Fund adds $150M for more mobile investments

BlackBerry Partners Fund, a mobile focused, platform-agnostic fund backed by RIM, Thompson Reuters and others, is now being followed up by a second $150 million fund aimed at doubling down on mobile. ATP Capital, which managed the BlackBerry Partners Fund, is also rebranding as Relay Ventures.

When is €300m not €300m? Ask OP Ventures

Orange and Publicis hit the headlines this week for underpinning a €300m venture fund targeting European startups. But in fact only a third of that money is actually fresh funding that will end up in the hands of continental businesses.

Just how fashion crazy is Index Ventures?

The decision to back a new $9 million round of fundraising for LA-based fashion website Nasty Gal shows exactly how deep Index Ventures — one of Europe’s most successful VCs — is invested in the market, and how big they’re betting online fashion will be.

Belfast investor revealed as convicted fraudster

Controversy in Northern Ireland after an investigative reporter uncovered the criminal background of a prominent new business investor — a revelation which has led to a series of critical questions about his activities and relationship with the region’s startups.

Wahooly, the Klout and Kickstarter hybrid, opens to startups

Wahooly has created a group of 25,000 influential testers and is now opening the doors to startups to apply to engage this group. Startups will create testing groups of 5,000 to 8,000 people, who will share in a pool of equity ranging from 4–6 percent.

CapLinked hits $10 billion in listed deals, opens to pro investors

CapLinked, an online platform that brings together companies and private investors, said it has eclipsed $10 billion in private deals listed on the platform since it launched a year ago. Now, it’s opening up the platform to professional investors with a new product called DealRocket.

So, is venture money drying up or blowing up?

One report says venture capital firms are investing more now than in recent years, but another says startups aren’t seeing enough money. So is the system healthy or sick? Perhaps it depends on where you think investors should be putting their cash — and why.

Facebook, Google share startup buying strategies

Plenty of web entrepreneurs share the same dream: build a great company and then cash in by selling it to Google, Facebook or another technology giant. But being successful is complicated affair, according to those who have seen those deals from the inside.

Rebranded Ignite100 wants to set Euro startups on fire

To take on more established accelerator programs, British startup bootcamp The Difference Engine has changed its identity and stumped up a tantalizing reward: more than $150,000 in funding for the 10 startups who make the cut. Can it spur on a new generation of European innovation?

Silicon Valley should wake up to clawback culture

There’s been a storm over Skype’s private equity investors and their treatment of stock options, but is that storm a remnant of Silicon Valley’s cash-rich, founder-happy culture? Evidence from elsewhere would suggest that entrepreneurs just don’t know how good they’ve been getting it.

Duedil powers ahead with extra data for journalists

London search startup Duedil already provides a one-stop shop for business information and intelligence — a service it says can make a real difference to companies and consumers. Now it’s going further, by offering investigative journalists the chance to access sensitive data more easily.

Groupon: Doomed to Fail or Worth a Leap? A Twitter Debate

Among those debating the value of Groupon as it filed for its hotly-awaited initial public offering were two startup entrepreneurs — 37signals partner David Heinemeier Hansson, who argued it is doomed to fail, and SimpleGeo founder Joe Stump, who looked on the bright side.

VCs Don’t Want to Make the Big Bets Any More

Senior venture capitalists have said they are planning to dump slow-burning investments in biotech in favor of the faster returns offered by dotcom companies. But while changing focus may seem like a practical investment strategy could be a depressing — and ultimately dangerous — shift.