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Big IT goes after IoT

If I look back at the last 18 months in IoT, I see a period where big IT has gotten serious about…

Why I quit writing internet standards

After contributing to standards organizations for more than seven years, engineer Vidya Narayanan decided it was time to move on. Although she still believes that these organizations make the Internet a better place, she wonders about the pace of change versus the pace of organizations.

People trust the internet but lie to it anyway

Data from the Internet Society’s Global Internet User Survey shows that we’re contradictory when it comes to our feelings and actions taken online. This won’t come as a surprise to most, but we think the Internet is a source of good, yet we don’t trust it.

The Internet Underground Music Archive is back

Remember the Internet Underground Music Archive, also known as IUMA? The site pioneered independent music distribution online, offering bands hosting space for their songs as early as 1993. Now, six years after IUMA’s website went dark, its 680,000 songs have started reappearing online.

Shocker: ROFLCon’s last stand

The big news out of ROFLCon is that this is the last ROFLCon. So if you want to catch your favorite “Famous on the Internet” stars — Tron Guy, Double Rainbow Guy, the Nyancats — you better get to MIT Building 26 in the next few hours.

Is the Internet making us more lonely or less lonely? Yes.

Some critics have raised the question of whether Facebook and Twitter are making us more lonely and disconnected from one another. But the Web and social media are just tools: They can be used to create connections or to create distance, just like any other technology.

M2M: one network will not rule them all

Machine to machine networks, sometimes called the Internet of things, are the logical extension of today’s connected society; but creating such a network will require multiple technologies; telcos to open up their networks; governments to figure out a way to assign unique numbers for each device on the network and new rules to protect security and privacy.

TuneIn Radio takes its streaming act on the road

TuneIn Radio, which has become a powerhouse in streaming local radio content, is now ramping up efforts to bring its service to cars with a new Ford Sync AppLink integration and an updated Android app with voice-controlled “car mode.”

The viral video is dead. Long live the viral video!

Rebecca Black and Nyan Cat aside, YouTube is no longer about Internet memes and viral videos… And that’s a good thing. Take a look at the top 10 videos from 2011 and you realize it’s not for creating one-hit wonders but for building sustainable businesses.

How fast does that network go? Spread says 250 Gbps.

Spread Networks, a privately held network company today announced that it is going to start selling 250 Gbps service (with 16-millisecond latency for the roundtrip) between New York and Chicago for a fixed monthly fee on a long-term contract plus the cost of optical gear.

Stitcher gets $10M to personalize Internet talk radio

Stitcher, the Pandora of Internet talk radio, has raised $10 million as it capitalizes on the opportunity in non-music streaming radio. The company will use the money to improve the product, enhance the platform for content providers and build out a direct ad sales force.

World IPv6 Day is almost here — are you prepared?

World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour test of the new version of the Internet address protocol IPv6, is slated to begin on Wednesday June 8th at midnight UTC. With Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and many others participating, how will the Internet handle the big test?

Infineta raises $15M to move big data across data centers

WAN-optimization startup Infineta has raised $15 million for its product that speeds traffic flows between data centers. Unlike many WAN-optimization products that speed traffic between user sites and a data center, Infineta targets data moving between data centers at up to 10 GbE speeds.

Free Tool Maps the Health of the Web

Gomez, a provider of Internet performance stats has compiled its knowledge into a visual map of the world that uses colors to show how fast web sites are performing for customers i various geographies. The map showcases aspects such as DNS lookup times, throughput, response times.

Pandora Files for IPO to Keep the Music Playing

Internet radio pioneer Pandora announced Friday it was filing for an initial public offering, hoping to raise $100 million through the sale of stock. Though saddled with a deficit, the company has seen incredible growth and has been a bright spot in the digital music industry.

Inside the Wayback Machine with George Oates

There’s no denying that the Wayback Machine is an incredible resource. But the design was starting to show its age. I recently spoke with George Oates, who led a complete redesign of the site, on how she developed the simple design and more user-friendly navigation system.

Yes, It’s True: The Internet Makes You Happier

A new study being released in Britain today says that access to the Internet, and especially to social networks such as Facebook, can improve people’s level of happiness — particularly the well-being of women, those from a lower-income background and those with lower levels of education.

Idealab’s Internet Brands to Go Private Again

Internet Brands, which operates hundreds of leading vertical service-oriented websites such as and and was spun off from Idealabs in a public stock offering three years ago, has agreed to be acquired by Hellman and Friedman Capital, a private equity firm, for $640 million.

Newspapers Hit New Low as an Information Source

The number of Americans who say that newspapers are an important source of information continues to decline, according to a new survey. Only 56 percent of those surveyed agreed, compared with 68 percent who chose television and 78 percent who chose the Internet.

Mozilla Says Firefox Still Has 30% Market Share

In its first-ever State of the Internet report, the Mozilla Foundation says that the Firefox browser has close to a 30 percent share of the browser market around the world, with usage growing most strongly in Russia. Firefox has been under increasing pressure from Google’s Chrome.

Happy Anniversary: 25 Years of Dot-coms

The dot-com turns 25. Over the years dot-coms became a symbol of an Internet bubble and a technology bust. Now over 650,000 dot-com domains are registered every month and at present it is estimated that there are over 71 million dot-com domains.

China: Internet "Freedom" a Gimmick to Preserve U.S. Hegemony

With U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly criticizing China’s Internet censorship, the Chinese government has gone on the offensive, denying Google’s insinuation from earlier this month that it had been involved in hacking email accounts and labeling calls for an open Internet as self-interested fallacies.

In 10 Years, Hours Spent on Internet Almost Doubled

Adult Internet users were spending close to 13 hours a week online in 2009 vs. about seven hours in 1999, according to a report. The number of adult Internet users has gone up to 184 million this year from 113 million in 1999.

Pandora Is Both Hiring and Firing

Pandora CEO Tim Westergren says ad sales are looking up and that the Internet radio company is bringing on more staff — in the same blog post in which he announces that the firm’s laying off 20 of its 140 employees due to the broader economic downturn.