Internet of things

Nest recalls 440,000 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

After halting sales of the Nest Protect last month over a safety issue, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an official recall earlier today. Affected Nest customers can download an update over the internet which addresses the issue.

For the next wave of wearables, context will be king

Advances in low-cost and low-power computing are removing the shackles that have constrained the feature sets of wearable devices. IBM’s Paul Brody predicts this will allow devices like smartwatches and fitness monitors to become more contextually aware and start to blur the lines between wearables and smartphones.

Managing sewage like traffic thanks to data

South Bend, Ind., is using a sensor network and IBM software to prevent its sewer system from dumping sewage into rivers or backing up into citizens’ home, but it’s just a microcosm of global trend toward solving urban maladies using big data.

Here comes a hot new chip for Internet of things

ARM, the semiconductor company whose chip technology powers most modern smartphones, has come up with a chip for the Internet of things. It is an energy-efficient chip technology that is optimized for use in everything from connected lighting to power controls to other home appliances.

GigaOM RoadMap Video Rewind: Frog Design’s Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer of Frog Design was one of the speakers at our inaugural GigaOM RoadMap conference, held earlier this month. In this conversation< he talks about how as computing become all pervasive, we need to rethink computers and how we interact with them.

How iPads, phones & sensors will redefine our homes

An Internet-connected, sensor-based and iPad-managed terrarium — a micro ecosystem — by London-based product designer Samuel Wilkinson is an artful marriage of physical living and digital worlds and it could be a precursor for what home and gardens could become in the age of connectedness.

Internet of things will have 24 billion devices by 2020

There are 9 billion connected devices at present and by 2020 that number is going to explode to 24 billion devices, according to new statistics released by GSMA. The total number of mobile connected devices doubles from 6 billion today to 12 billion by 2020.

The Internet of Things [Infographic]

In 2008, the number of devices that connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people. That number continues to rise, thanks to a growing number of connected devices. Cisco has put together this infographic to showcase the growth of the Internet of things.

Why Internet of Things Will Change Mobile Networks

Not a week goes by when we don’t hear about some new device with built-in mobile connectivity. It seems we’re all heading towards an Internet of things at a rapid speed. Clues to this connected device future comes from data collected by Berg Insight.

Verizon Battles AT&T for M2M Supremacy

Verizon’s Wireless subscriber additions fell by 20 percent in the third quarter to 997,000 new adds, the lowest figure in a decade for a total of 93.2 million customers. But while the race for subscribers is interesting, another race is emerging for connected devices.