Amazon workers vote on union (UPDATED)

A small group of Amazon warehouse workers vote in Delaware today on whether to form a union. A yes vote would be a symbolic first and comes at a time of growing scrutiny over Amazon’s labor practices.

Thanks to telecom oligopolies, it’s always raining in the cloud

Even using a smartphone in fairly normal ways — checking your location with a web-based map, sending email or text messages, uploading photos and so on — can result in massive charges when it is done while roaming internationally, thanks to the market control that telecom carriers enjoy.

Mapping the global trade routes of mobile apps

Mobile apps may not be shipped on galleons or via airfreight, but they are definitely crossing oceans. According to data from VisionMobile’s recent developer survey, a big market around the import and export of apps has emerged globally.

Now BBC lets Brits watch the Olympics on Facebook

British Facebook users will be able to watch the Olympics without ever leaving the social network, after the BBC launched an app that streams up to 24 live video streams straight to viewers. It’s already running a trial with Wimbledon.

Ericsson: 85% of the world will see 3G/4G in 2017

It took 12 years for 3G technologies to touch half of the world’s population, but getting to 85 percent coverage will only take another five, according to wireless infrastructure vendor Ericsson. In addition, Ericsson projects LTE networks will cover half the globe’s population.

How femtocells are connecting the Congo

You thought it was hard to get cellular coverage in your basement — try getting it in the rain forests of the Congo. RascomStar plans to ensure that remotest communities in the Republic of the Congo get mobile service using the smallest access node imaginable: the femtocell.

Apple Store set to open right in RIM’s backyard

Apple is preparing to open five new retail stores internationally on Saturday, including one smack dab in the middle of competitor Research In Motion’s home territory of Waterloo, Ontario. It’s a departure from Apple’s usual pattern in Canada — one that sends a clear message.

Digital dollars are finally starting to matter to Viacom

Viacom reported that affiliate revenues grew 20 percent domestically and 16 percent worldwide. That was due in part to digital deals that the company has struck recently, including new deals with Netflix and Hulu that make its shows available for streaming.

Revealed: Spotify’s US launch dates, price plans

UPDATED: The buzz around European music streaming service Spotify’s United States launch just keeps getting louder. Our sources reveal that Spotify’s US launch will happen in mid-July and feature a tiered pricing plan. Spotify US may initially be invite-only, an anonymous report said.

The Mac mini Gets an International Price Cut

Early this morning, Apple lowered the price of the Mac mini in many international stores. points out that prices seem to have changed in all stores except the U.S. one, but that’s not entirely accurate, since in Australia and Canada they remain the same.

iPad to Launch in 9 More Countries

Apple has announced that on July 23 the iPad will be available in nine more countries. On Friday, it will be on available in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore. If you can find one, that is.

Change Notes Font On iPhone/iPod touch

I really, really detest the Market Felt typeface used in the Notes application in the iPod touch and iPhone. It is hard…

Spike SpikeSource

Web 2.0 is over! Good, I can go back to my early morning, caffeine fueled ranting. Today’s rant-a-special: you guessed it, SpikeSource.…