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How much Kno sold for & why it failed

Kno, launched with much fanfare, raised nearly $100 million in venture capital and debt, only to find out that the world of education didn’t care much for the company’s products or for that matter the company itself. It crash landed at Intel last weekend.

Yummly raises $6M to build its digital kitchen

Yummly earned its toque by creating a semantic search engine for recipes, but the 2-year-old Silicon Valley startup has bigger culinary ambitions. It wants to expand beyond recipe search and recommendations to create what CEO Dave Feller called a “complete digital kitchen platform.”

MFoundry raises $18M from MasterCard, Intel for mobile payments

MFoundry has emerged as a leader in mobile banking, providing its Software-as-a-Service model to almost 600 banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Now it’s raising $18 million from MasterCard, Intel Capital and others to expand its mobile banking business into mobile payments.

The Internet of Things and energy

In the cleantech and utility worlds, it’s called “the smart grid” and “energy efficiency.” In the broader tech realm, it’s called the “Internet of Things.” Let’s bring these two ideas together, because the Internet of Things will play a crucial role in making systems more efficient.

The startup behind Comcast’s home service: iControl

Cable operator Comcast has turned to a Silicon Valley startup for the software behind its home security and energy management product unveiled on Wednesday: iControl, a Palo Alto, Calif-based company backed by Comcast itself, as well as Kleiner Perkins, Intel Capital, Cisco and Charles River Ventures.

Intel Boosts Social Gaming Bet With $23M for CrowdStar

Intel Capital is loading up on its social gaming bet with a new investment in top Facebook game developer CrowdStar, which is taking $23 million in its first major funding round. The investment underscores the growing momentum in social gaming as it expands to mobile devices.

Shufflr Gets $3M For Social Video Discovery

Bangalore-based Althea Systems is announcing a $3 million Series A funding from Intel Capital today. The start-up recently launched its social video browser Shufflr this summer, and it has also built a video discovery platform dubbed ShuffleFeed that it plans to open to developers soon.

Amazon In Talks to Buy Out UK’s Lovefilm

Amazon is looking to buy out U.K.-based video rental firm Lovefilm in a deal that would value it at £200 million. Buying Lovefilm could give Amazon a stronger position in the U.K. and also give it some expertise to compete with Netflix’s DVD-by-mail and streaming businesses.

The Very Human Cost of Job Cuts

The global economic downturn has started to take its toll on Silicon Valley, especially since the news of an emergency meeting Sequoia…

Intel Capital Invests in Veoh and More

[qi:_newteevee] Internet video portal and software maker Veoh has raised $30 million from Intel Capital, Adobe Systems Inc. and Gordon Crawford, senior…

One Antenna to Rule Them All

SkyCross, which was spun off from BAE Systems in 2002, has discovered a way to make one antenna act like three or four. And the proliferation of the company’s isolated mode antenna technology, or iMAT, could improve network operations.