Why apps need communication features Ben Thompson maps out the symbiotic relationship between Social & Communications. It dovetails nicely with my news & analysis about why…

The Banned #Hashtags Of Instagram What role does social media have in protecting its users from questionable content? Utilizing the Instagram API and popular hashtag lists,…

A question that Twitter needs to ask itself

What are Twitter’s core design, product and engineering capabilities — stuff they are really good at. What is Twitter’s core competency? Those are tough questions for the company to ask itself and answer — for it would help define and set expectations and strategy that is lasting.

Confessions of a quantified self cheater

Are you cheating on your quantified self? Even if our quantified selves are a little better, fitter and more hardworking than our actual selves, they’re still part of a new kind of virtual, fluid and filtered identity that’s becoming more common place on the internet.

Facebook proposes adding Instagram user data, abolishing user vote

Facebook is proposing integrating user data with Instagram user data, and abolishing a voting system that allowed users to weigh in on potential changes to the site. The changes bring some privacy concerns for users, but come from Facebook’s desire to monetize and streamline user data.

FTC: Facebook-Instagram deal good to go

Facebook is now free to move ahead with its purchase of Instagram now that the FTC has given its blessing. The deal, however, is not as lucrative for Instagram, which took a lot of Facebook stock as compensation.

Photobucket works to find space in the photo arena

With Facebook dominating the photo upload space, what’s a site like Photobucket to do? The company is rolling out both a photo backup service and a slideshow feature, hoping to appeal to consumers and share photos to Facebook rather than directly compete.

The spectacle of technology

In a recent conversation, an art historian pointed out that the “art world” these days is less about art and more about “the spectacle of art.” I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between art and our world of technology.

If it looks like a bubble and it feels like a bubble…

With deals like Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of the relatively tiny startup Instagram, some argue we are in another tech-stock bubble. But others in the venture industry say that while there is some froth in parts of the startup ecosystem, there are few signs of 1990s-style mania.

Instagram gets the Android-bump, on Twitter

Instagram, the mobile photo sharing app earlier this week released its Android app, an event that I believe has turbocharged the already briskly growing social photo service. New data crunched by Amsterdam-based startup, Skylines shows that is exactly what is happened. Here is what it means.

Oh snap: Instagram for Android is here!

The long wait for Instagram on Android is over. The popular free photo sharing application that launched on Apple iOS devices (and stayed there) is available in Google Play for smartphones running Android 2.2 or better. So get to it, Android users: Start snapping those images!

Soundcloud turns Instagram pics into retro slide shows

Story Wheel brings the good old narrated slide show back to life, thanks to a mashup of Instagram and Soundcloud. The very first Story Wheel was produced by Soundcloud’s co-founders to celebrate a few important milestones: Soundcloud now has 10 million registered users and 10,000 developers.

12 new kinds of media & the rise of “supercuts”

Web creations such as the video mashups that Andy Baio calls “supercuts” are another example of how we can broadcast stylized, curated moments of our lives — part of the “broadcast yourself” movement that is playing a key role in what we do on the social web.

Meet 10 hot startups presenting at Mobilize 2011

In the mobile ecosystem with so much changing so rapidly, it’s tough to figure out what to pay attention to. So we’ve gathered up some of the hottest startups in the mobile space to compete in our Mobilize 2011 LaunchPad competition. Check them out.

On Twitter (and elsewhere), Instagram Growth Zooms

Instagram, a San Francisco-based photo-oriented social network is the fastest growing photo sharing service on Twitter, according to data collected by Skylines, a real time photo search startup. And no, Instagram is not killing Twitpic and Yfrog just yet.

Vloggo joins the social video sharing fray

Social video sharing is all the rage these days, with a number of mobile apps aiming to make it easier for users to record and share short videos online. Vloggo is the latest to enter the market, with an easy-to-use app for sharing 60-second videos.

Why Instagram works

You might have seen me post about San Francisco-based Instagram way more than any of the newer mobile apps and services.The question is why Instagram works? And how did it get to over 5 million users so quickly. This comment just might answer that question.

Vlix gets more social and adds effects

The list of video-sharing apps in the Apple App Store continues to grow, with a number of startups all seeking to become the “Instagram of video.” To compete, Vlix has added and improved on a number of social features within its video-sharing app.

Instagram Poised to Blow Up With Public Real-Time API

After releasing an API in private beta a couple weeks ago, Instagram is looking to spark a lot more Instagram-linked apps and services with a public real-time API that will help developers tap into the power of the fast-growing photo sharing network.

DailyBooth Goes Mobile. Launches New iPhone App, Android App Soon

DailyBooth, a fast growing photo sharing based social network is launching its much awaited mobile app, which should give its competitors a pause. The iPhone app will soon be followed by an Android app. DailyBooth, like Apple’s Facetime leverages the front cameras in the newer smartphones.

Instagram: Already Over a Million Pics?

Instagram, the photo app that gives images an old-fashioned flair, sees a photo uploaded to its service every second. Its success may stem from its timing; the market is awash in futuristic smartphones and faster mobile broadband, even as a wave of nostalgia sweeps the country.

Instagram: Free Hipster iPhone Photos, Plus a Community

Want to apply cool filters to your iPhone photos without paying for an app like Hipstamatic? Try out Instagram, which is launching today. Om already reported on how it comes from the makers of Burbn, a demo HTML5 app that was neat enough to win $500,000.

Cool Tools: The Instagram Mobile Photo App

The team behind San Francisco-based Burbn, a checkin service ala Foursquare with funding from Andreessen Horowitz, is focused on a new iPhone app, Instagram, which is likely to launch later this month. ?The photo editing and sharing app is in limited preview right now.