Ebook sales flattening?

Best selling author┬áNicholas Carr points to the first quarter 2013 sales data from the Association of American Publishers as a testimonial for…

iPad book publisher Inkling does its own free e-book platform

Almost a month after Apple introduced its own interactive e-book publishing platform, iBooks Author, iPad publishing startup Inkling is introducing its own version, called Inkling Habitat. It’s a free, cloud-based publishing platform aimed at professional publishers.

Inkling’s iPad cookbook is selling like crazy

Inkling, the startup that develops iPad versions of college textbooks, made its first foray into the general consumer market last month with the launch of The Professional Chef, a textbook for pro chefs. Smart move: The title just became the third highest-grossing iPad app worldwide.

Inkling nabs $17M to bring textbooks to the iPad

Inkling, the digital textbook software startup, has closed on $17 million in new funding to expand its software for converting college textbooks for use on the iPad. Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis says the money will be put toward meeting the “effectively unlimited demand” for its platform.

Inkling Brings Immersive Textbooks to the iPad

Startup Inkling is bringing interactive college textbooks to the iPad, having secured Series A financing for the venture. The textbooks take advantage of the strengths of the iPad, with augmented graphics and video in the content, while allowing note sharing in real-time among students.