Hey devs, here’s how you boost mobile ad clicks

Mobile app developers relying on ad revenues may want to invest more effort into targeting larger screen devices. A new infographic from inneractive shows that the click-through rates between smartphones and tablets is vastly different, with a 1.4 to 5 times better result on tablets.

Infographic: Netflix by the numbers

Netflix has a catalog of 51,000 movies and TV show episodes, which can be watched on more than 450 devices. Those numbers have helped Netflix to become the biggest video subscription service in the U.S. Check out our infographic for a success story in numbers.

Is it a tech boom or a bubble? [Infographic]

Is there a tech bubble or is it really a boom? Ask a thousand people and you are going to get a thousand answers. To give you a historical perspective on the last Internet bubble/boom and the current bubble/boom, here is a handy infographic.

Charting MySpace: The End Of An Era

Maybe the second time’s a charm? MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) has been bought by ad network Specific Media with Justin Timberlake as an owner and a r…

Charting Hulu Through The Years

In less than five years, online video portal Hulu has gone from corporate idea to millions of users, a paid subscription model and CEO Jason…

Nimbuzz says it has 50 million users

Nimbuzz, a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based Internet telephony company says it has signed up 50 million registered users across the globe. That’s minuscule when compared to Skype, but it’s still significant milestone for the upstart company which signs up 100,000 new users a day.

Infographic: Trends In Mobile Marketing

This infographic sketches out some consumer sentiments around some of the more popular of mobile marketing formats.

This data was collected…

Infographic: The Selling Power of the iPad

A new report from online publishing company Yudu Media presents a very convincing case that when it comes to marketing and audience, few devices can compare with the iPad. The report paints a picture of a device tailor-made to sell content, products and services.

What Startups Are Actually Getting Money?

The flood of venture capital from 2005 through 2007 slowed considerably, but after a slow 2009, the money and venture investors seem to be back in funding action. In 2010 2,792 companies raised a total of $23.7 billion. See what’s changed in this infrographic.

Charting MySpace From Hot To Not

MySpace has done what few can claim to have accomplished so far this new year: cut its weight nearly in half by slashing close to 500 jobs f…

Facebook vs. Twitter: An Infographic

A comparison of demographic data about Facebook’s users vs. Twitter’s users shows that there are a lot of similarities between the two platforms, but also some key differences in how people use the two networks — including how often they visit and update their status.

Charting The Bartz Upheaval

Under Carol Bartz, who took over as CEO in January 2009, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has seen a seemingly endless number of executives coming and goi…

Infographic: The Geosocial Universe

This infographic, created by Jesse Thomas of digital creative agency Jess3, shows the relative size of social networks and online services such as Skype, Gmail, MySpace, Twitter and Foursquare, and also shows the proportion of their user base that access the service via a mobile device.

Location Technology Acquisitions: Has the Buying Spree Peaked?

For the last three years, there have been more than 40 acquisitions of location-oriented technology startups. Though location startups are all the rage right now, so far this year there have only been 15 deals. Could we be due for a deluge of deals?