Apple event preview: Tools to bolster in-school iPad use

Apple’s plans for its Thursday media event have been the subject of considerable speculation. Now a new report released Wednesday adds a little more weight to recent suggestions that the focus will be on tools that help produce e-books and other educational materials on the iPad.

Clipik Crowdsources Your Video Editing Needs

Let’s be honest: Those videos you took during your last vacation — are you really ever gonna edit them? The growing amount of video footage on our hard drives can be intimidating, even with easy editing tools. Clipik wants to solve that issue by crowdsourcing video editing.

How To: Restore iMovie’s Timeline Feature

Between iLife ’06 and ’08, the timeline view was removed from iMovie. Instead of a timeline, the video now wraps around like text on a page. Here’s a way, with just a couple of clicks, you can restore the timeline view in iMovie ’11.

TechUniversity: iMovie 101

Apple’s iMovie video editing software, part of the iLife software suite, allows users to quickly and easily create professional looking movies. In this TechUniversity iMovie 101 screencast we’ll walk you through, from start to finish, how to create an edit a movie in iMovie.