With iMessage outage, another hiccup for iCloud

Did you have problems sending or receiving iMessages today? You weren’t alone, apparently. About half of iMessage users reported being unable to send messages through Apple’s app. Apple, unfortunately, isn’t a stranger to iCloud outages.

The Apple Roundup: Apple’s stock hits a new, historic milestone

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Apple’s market capitalization is now the highest of any company ever, Apple responds to SMS security report, how the iPad is outgrowing the iPhone, and Apple’s moves in Russia.

Why Skype bought GroupMe and why it isn’t enough

Skype has acquired group messaging startup GroupMe for a rumored $85 million. The deal, while a good move on paper, isn’t going to be enough, as Skype itself is going through an identity crisis — whether it wants to be a consumer or an enterprise communications company.

iMessage: Biting RIM’s style & sticking it to carriers

iOS 5 introduces a lot of changes for Apple’s mobile operating system, but iMessages is one of the most significant. It lets iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners send rich and group messages free of charge. It’s borrows from RIM’s playbook, but also challenges network operators.